Did you know that manure from nine dairy cows produces enough electricity to power a single family home for one day?

In order to generate energy from manure you need to have the proper environment for bacteria to grow and a way to capture and utilize the bio-gas being produced.
Keller Engineers has designed systems that utilize organic waste such as livestock manure and food and beverage waste to produce bio-gas. The bio-gas is collected and used to power generators that provide electricity.

In addition to producing energy and generating money, our clients have received residual benefits such as:
  • reduced manure odors
  • nutrients in manure converted to a better plant accessible form
  • manure pH increased to eight
  • weed seeds digested by the bacteria reduce herbicide use when manure is applied to land
  • digested manure solids are dried and re-used for animal bedding

Our Water/Wastewater Team was responsible for designing and completing this project. For inquiries about digester projects, contact Dave Cunningham, PE at 814-696-7430 or dcunningham@keller-engineers.com.
On Monday, April 12th, staff from Keller Engineers participated in a Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Syberton Road Pedestrian Crossing Project located in Loretto Borough, PA.

The purpose of the project is to install a dedicated pedestrian crossing along Syberton Road from Saint Michael School to the Basilica of Saint Michael Church.
This project involves removal and re-setting of existing roadway brick pavers and construction of a new concrete pavement crosswalk. Additional improvements include new concrete sidewalks, concrete curbing, ADA curb ramps, paint markings, solar-powered flashing school crossing signs, and seeding and mulching.

Improvements made during this important safety project will provide pedestrians with improved conditions while utilizing the crosswalk an associated sidewalks.

Keller Engineers, Inc. is providing civil engineering and construction inspection services, while BCS Construction is the contractor on this project. Completion of this project is scheduled to be May 28, 2021. We are proud to be involved on this important safety project which will directly impact the school staff and students, church parishioners, and pedestrians.
Keller Engineers Celebrates 30 Years

We thought it would be fun to let you, our valued clients and friends, in on the progression and growth of the company over the past thirty years. The next several newsletters will include a column titled, Keller Engineers' Journey, which will give you the inside "scoop" about the start-up of each of our Divisions. We hope you enjoy this series...
1991 - Joe Keller faced a monumental question when he thought about opening a civil engineering firm -- how to successfully accomplish this in an area with six similar companies. Willing to make a change in his career, Joe took a leap of faith and resigned from his job.

Part of Joe's business plan was to have a 'family-friendly' environment and for 'work to be fun' for himself and his employees. Most of all, he wanted his clients to be happy with the quality work they received - happy enough to keep coming back and to refer Keller Engineers to others. Joe firmly believed that if he treated both clients and employees with respect and fairness, profits and service expansion would naturally occur.

So, Joe opened the doors of Keller Engineers on a day in November 1991, and, being the only employee, started calling and visiting potential clients.

Stay tuned for next month's adventures of Keller Engineers.
National Surveyors Week ran from March 21-27, 2021. This week is designed to raise awareness of the surveying profession.

A huge 'thank you' goes out to Alex, Bronson, Mike, Jay, and Andy for all of their hard work and dedication!
Title: Environmental Manager

Time at Keller Engineers: Less than one year

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? Hanging out with family

Would you rather cook or order in? Cook

A genie gives you three wishes—what are they? 
1. Unlimited Wishes, 2. A lake house 3. A new bass boat

What energizes you about your career? Desire to grow professionally and make a positive impact on those around me.

If you came back in your next life as an animal, what animal would you be and why? Otter – because they always seem to be having fun
Keller Engineers is pleased to announce the hiring of two new employees in our Transportation Division in Hollidaysburg, PA. Please join us in welcoming the following individuals...
Kate Yahner

Kate joined our team as an intern through this summer!

Currently, she is in her sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and has an interest in studying bridge and bridge inspection.
Benjamin Leach

Ben was hired as a Construction Manager. He has extensive construction inspection experience on highway and bridge projects.

He received an Associates Degree from Fairmont State College, in Fairmont, WV, in Transportation Engineering Technology.
Welcome to the team, Kate and Benjamin!
Michael MacNamara celebrated his 15 year anniversary working for Keller Engineers as a Designer in our State College, PA office.

In a very "socially distant" manner, Michael Pratt presented him with his anniversary award in early April.

Thank you so much, Michael, for your hard work and dedication!
Joe Gaeto, PE received his service award for celebrating 10 years of service at Keller Engineers. He works as a Project Engineer / Bridge Inspector in the Hollidaysburg, PA office.

Joe Keller presented him with a service award as a "thank you" for his work and commitment. You can't tell under the mask, but both are very excited to celebrate Joe Gaeto's 10 year anniversary.

Thanks for all you do, Joe!
Congratulations to Keller Engineers of New Jersey, LLC on celebrating it's fourth year in business! We continuously strive to demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent client service, quality engineering services, and a sustainable approach to Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Keller Engineers of New Jersey, LLC is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the State of New Jersey.

Thank you to our clients, associates, family, and friends for your business, support, and friendship!
You are invited to join us on Monday, August 2, 2021 at Scotch Valley Country Club in Hollidaysburg, PA for the 17th Annual Keller Open / Paul Kirby, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing!

We are accepting teams and outing sponsors! One-hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds from this golf outing stays in Blair County to help the local American Rescue Workers provide assistance to those in our community that need it most.

Email Brittany Eckenrode at beckenrode@keller-engineers.com to get on our golf outing mailing list.
Alex Clark 4/5
Brian Wiser 4/6
Britton Burnworth 4/11
Adam Charles 4/15
Teddie Kreitz 4/16
Nathan Patrick 4/20
Joel Reese 4/24
Jonathan Chwatek 4/26
Christopher Sral 4/26
Troy Luchau 4/27

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