Agriculture & Natural Resource Center of Excellence Newsletter
April | 2022
April is Community College Month
The primary goal of #CCMonth is to increase awareness and understanding of the value of community colleges both locally and nationally through grassroots, localized outreach.

Public community colleges are a uniquely American educational model that was designed to guarantee access to affordable, high-quality higher education for all people. They also serve as an onramp to bachelor’s, master’s, and higher-level degrees for many students, and particularly for the most demographically and socioeconomically diverse students. They guarantee fair admissions for all students. They offer support for adult students who have to work to support their families. And without community colleges, many American students would not be able to access higher education at all.
In short, community colleges were created to serve the needs of their communities, and they do it exceptionally well.

As part of our efforts to increase awareness of the many agriculture and natural resource programs offered at community and technical colleges in Washington State, we invite you to share our Pathways to Excellence Program Guide below within your network!
CDL Demand - Where do we go from here?
The Implicit Bias Institute Presents a Complimentary 2-Hour Professional Development Webinar – Building a Portfolio of Professional Practice & Mentorship in Implicit Bias
This complimentary webinar will take attendees through two critical elements for anyone wishing to better understand implicit bias or grow professionally as an implicit bias practitioner or advocate. This event will take place virtually on April 22 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding will lead attendees through the development of a portfolio of professional practice in implicit bias. Dr. Cameron-Wedding will introduce what a portfolio is, how to think about your portfolio and the importance of building a sound professional portfolio in implicit bias and strategies for putting together your portfolio. Zenovia Harris will introduce the importance of mentorship in implicit bias, both becoming a mentor and finding a mentor in implicit bias. The module will include defining what a mentor is, the role of a mentor and the benefits of having a mentor, and mentoring. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Dr. Cameron-Wedding and Zenovia in an interactive format for this fast-paced two-hour webinar.

Who should attend? Faculty, deans, navigators, counselors, staff, administrators, human resources, continuing education and coordinators from the community and technical college system, K12 and apprenticeship.
Connecting Students to Careers in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Careers in agriculture and natural resources are in high demand in Washington State. Visit our Job Board to explore industry snapshots, job positions statewide or to submit a job description!