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April 2019 Newsletter
Voices of the village

Wisdom is defined as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. We will utilize "Voices of the Village" to showcase wisdom from wise and wonderful parents.

“Please pray for your children.” - Vyreen Bain
Please take a moment to say this prayer for your children: Heavenly Father my children (name them) are gifts and testimonies and for this, they shall be blessed in Spirit and Soul. Their bodies shall be full of vitality of the Lord, their lives are garnished with wealth and abundance, as they are experiencing peace all around. I shall not mourn over my children, because they are satisfied with long life, they shall live long and take care of me. They will eat the good of this land they step their feet. The Lord will not take them where there is no grace. The Lord will keep us together as a united family and our relationships will be more fruitful than ever before. Amen!
I was Raised by the Village
Sapphire Newsome
Freshman at Azusa Pacific University
9-Week Parenting on Purpose Video Series by Dr. Bob Barnes
We all know that children don’t come with instruction manuals, and with today’s barrage of seemingly opposing information and uncharted societal issues, parenting can seem overwhelming. The 9-week Parenting on Purpose Video Series seeks to help parents make sense of all the information, through proven and practical parenting solutions created by Dr. Bob Barnes. Dr. Bob Barnes has a doctorate in counseling and received his education at Maryville College and Florida Atlantic University and he presents seminars and conferences on Parenting and Marriage throughout North America.

Parenting on Purpose Weekend Retreat

We looking forward to hosting the Parenting on Purpose Video Series in a weekend retreat. It will be an opportunity for parents to immerse themselves in the series and connect with other parents. It will be hosted just a few hours away, so it's easy to get to. We encourage parents to bring their children and make this a fun family get away. We will also be offering surprise give-aways. The retreat will be Friday- Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there. More information coming soon.

Location: TBD
Date: July 26-28, 2019
Here's what a few of our attendees have to say about the
Parenting on Purpose Series
So far, the Parenting on Purpose series has given me great insight on what true parenting is. I look forward to the learning and conversations each week, and hope to be able to host both "Conversations on Parenting" and "Parenting on Purpose" very soon.    - Dawn Adderley
"Although I don't have kids yet, I saw the benefit of learning and gaining great wisdom for the future. I learned a lot that I would like to integrate into my life right now to help the children of the future." - Andre Robinson
The importance of parenting in child health by Masud Hoghughi, Clinical psychologist

The importance of parenting arises from its role as a buffer against adversity (such as poverty or delinquent influences) or mediator of damage (as in child abuse). Parenting usually involves biological parents but is not confined to them. Carers, teachers, nurses, and others fulfil parenting tasks with children. Parenting has three essential components. Firstly, care protects children from harm. Care also encompasses promoting emotional as well as physical health. Secondly, control involves setting and enforcing boundaries to ensure children’s and others’ safety, in ever widening areas of activity. Thirdly, development involves optimising children’s potential and maximising the opportunities for using it. Although a reasonable consensus exists about “bad parenting,” there is no agreement about its opposite, particularly in a diverse and rapidly changing society.

Read the full article here: thebmj
Parenting on Purpose Support Sessions

Cleft Of The Rock is committed to supporting each family we encounter. We recognize that in these times, it’s incredibly difficult to plan ahead or fit self-improvement as parents into our already jam-packed schedules. From hour-long commutes, to our kids’ extra-curricular activities, to overtime, or a million other time-consumers, it can seem impossible to keep your head above water much less commit to getting somewhere, even if you will leave that somewhere fulfilled, refreshed and better equipped to parent deliberately. 

We have good news! We’re introducing our Parenting On Purpose Support sessions (POPS), every Tuesday evening. The great news is you can dial in or join by Video chat from wherever you are! Jump in to let off steam, chime in, or just listen to the topic of the week...whatever you need.

POP or COP Alumni, stay tuned for details on how to join in!
Conversations on Parenting
Click on the form below to register for an upcoming Conversations on Parenting meeting.

  • April 7th, 2019 (North Miami Beach)
  • April 26th, 2019 (Plantation)


Conversation on Parenting Highlight

On March 15th we hosted a COP in Hollywood, FL with a lovely group of individuals. We discussed the importance of incorporating people in your village who have the same vision as you for your children. As well as, setting goals for your children and an action plan on how to achieve those goals. Often times we "want the best" for our children, but never think of what it will take to make sure they get the best. We also shared one thing that we wished our parents did differently when raising us. It was such an inpirational COP, where a lot of valueable information was learned.
Coming Soon!
Shoe Drive Coming Soon

Our 2nd-Annual Shoe Drive will be starting in May, 2019. Start collecting your shoes for donation. We will setup locations where you can drop off your shoes. Let your friends and family know!

Mother/Daughter Tea Party

This year we are having a Mother/Daughter Tea Party in celebration of mother's day.

Date: Sunday, May 5th, 2019
Location: Boca Raton, FL
More details to come!

Visit our website for more upcoming events: Events Calendar
Don't Miss The Pilgrim's Progress!

The Pilgrim's Progress will be in theaters April 18th to April 20th only and theaters are selling out! Hurry and get your tickets for the film that is sure to become a classic!

For the first time in history, The Pilgrim's Progress is based on one of the bestselling books of all time. This is one story that can give our children and grandchildren the courage to stay on the straight path in a culture that often stands against them.

Calling All Volunteers
Helping doesn't have to be complicated. Just use what you know how to do to help. That's called volunteering! We are in need of new volunteers and would greatly appreciate your time, in any way that you can contribute. If you have teenagers and they need hours for school, any time they volunteer with us can count towards their goal. If you would like to volunteer, simply click on the link below to fill out the form and we will contact you:

Partners in Parent Education Program
The mission of Cleft of the Rock Foundation is to help abused and abandoned children and struggling families improve their circumstances through education, life-coaching, proper shelter, nourishment and work. Through the Partners in Parent Education Program, you can partner with us to raise awareness of the need for parent education, be able to offer more parent education opportunities to more families, and to build communities where families are strong and children are safe through the love and support of deliberate parenting.

We have a Major Gift Society Giving Circle that consists of 5 different levels to meet your budget and your desire to partner. These are yearly amounts that are tax deductible.

Please click on the link to join your circle, and become our partner. We are excited about the success we are having so far with the initiatives that we are engaged in, and we welcome your partnership. 

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