Golf Course & Clubhouse Open
After a very long and hard winter, we can finally celebrate spring with the opening of the Clubhouse and golf course! If you haven't followed the TRA Facebook page , you should check it out. The Clubhouse staff posts specials on a regular basis and they are delicious! This is also the fastest way to communicate golf course updates.

We do not have a spring clean-up day scheduled for this year due to the excessive moisture on the grounds making it hard to bring trucks and trailers onto the course. If anyone sees an issue they would like to help clean up, please contact a board member for assistance or approval for repairs.

We hope you see improvements on the roughs as we try to implement mowing areas with new extra equipment purchased over this winter to be more efficient.

We ask that all members and guests stop in to the Clubhouse and sign in everyday that you come to play. This helps the staff get to know you better and so we know who is out enjoying the course.
Tee Box Adoption Opportunity
Would you like to adopt a tee box? Our tee boxes can be the beauty and pride of our golf course and we have had many adopt them over the years. There are several tee boxes available for adoption by you or a group of people. The adoption would require maintenance throughout the year to keep them looking good. A sponsor sign is allowed within the flower bed or landscaped area of your adopted hole. Signs should be no larger than 5x7 and should be in good taste. Contact the Clubhouse at 712-487-3302 to let them know you'd like to do adopt a tee box.
Outside Golf Cart Stalls Available
Tandy Bailey, TRA board member in charge of memberships and communications, is going through the cart stalls and cart lists for updates. He has found that we have several private outside two-cart stalls available for rent. These cost $200 plus tax for the year for half the garage. If you would like an outside garage, contact Tandy at 402-651-0352. Likewise, if your cart status has changed, please let him know that too. Any unpaid cart fees will be notified via mail or email by the end of April.
April & May Outings / Golf Meets
May 11th is the Mower Open Fundraiser. This fun event is being held to purchase and/or pay off golf course equipment and materials to help improve the course conditions. If you'd like to play, contact the Clubhouse or Troy Pedersen.
Treynor High School Golf is underway and the TRA is home to 3 more meets.

  • Monday, April 22nd vs. Tri-Center
  • Friday, April 26th vs. Missouri Valley
  • Thursday, May 2nd vs. Audubon (rescheduled from April 12th).

For these meets, the course will close at 3:30 and will be open for play once the meets are finished (usually by 6:30).

The public is welcome to come and watch these young athletes, but following must be done at least 50 yards behind the group and you are not allowed to talk to the players.