Volume III | May 5 2020
Dzaleka Refugee Camp
The mission of Developing Our World is to develop communities from the grass-root level. Applying this bottom-up approach means that this organization has been seeking to and has been successful in creating a safe environment by building upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect amid people belonging to different cultures. The goal of these efforts is to challenge the status quo in communities and change it via the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. This is why Developing Our World serves those in need in their own environment and communities without any discrimination or prejudice and recognizes and honors their gifts, skills, and values. 

Developing Our World identifies communities that need its services the most, and then sends teams to serve them. Currently, our organization is supporting Eagles Junior Academy at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. This school is maintained and administered by a residents’ association of the community, called Reach Our People’s Needs for Development (RPND). Developing Our World is working to complement the efforts of the parents and of Evaldo José that have been implemented so far. Evaldo José, is a Brazilian educator, radio host, and TV announcer. He decided to leave his job in Brazil to serve as a volunteer in Dzaleka, and that’s how he became the link between Developing Our World and Eagles Junior Academy. Due to his efforts, the organization came to know about the urgent needs of the school that serves the refugee community in the Dzaleka refugee camp. 

The lack of resources and the extremely high number of refugees living in the refugee camp have resulted in a shortfall in the provision of education. Schools are scarce, and those that are present are in a terrible state. There is a severe lack of funds and necessary resources, so donations and volunteers are the only hope right now. The large child population is at the risk of staying deprived of education if the situation is not improved. 

Recognizing this need, Developing Our World, in collaboration with Evaldo, have adopted Eagles Junior Academy. The plan is to repair and maintain the school, and add the required resources so that more children could be accommodated. The organization is repairing and installing windows and doors and making wooden desks and chairs for the students. Currently, the school has more than 80 children aged between 3 and 14 years. After the repair and maintenance of the school, it will become capable of admitting many more children in the next school year. 

This is one project that Developing Our World is working on, but the organization aims to broaden its impact by becoming involved in further efforts to improve education, business, and spiritual development. True to its mission of initiating and promoting holistic community development, the organization, under Miguel Torneire's leadership, is adamant on serving the poor and needy –to continue Jesus’s work on earth.  
Climate Action
At Developing Our World, we act to help communities mitigate and adapt to the various impacts of climate change. It is feared that the global and regional climate will change significantly, which in turn may have serious to catastrophic consequences. Since a large part of the climate hazards are caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) and the majority of these emissions occur during technical energy conversions, possible measures for climate protection in the energy sector are particularly important.

Life Below Water
Our oceans are in danger. Pollution, overfishing, warming and acidification are just some of the aspects that are affecting the ocean habitat. The consequences not only endanger life in the water, but also change the climate on land. We have dealt with the essential threats. Around 18,000 plastic parts float in the sea per square kilometer. Our methods are not sustainable, and Developing Our World is trying hard to sustain life below water.

Sustainable Development Goal 15
Life on Land
We are talking more and more about environmental protection. How are we concerned? What impact does this have on our daily lives? Protecting all forms of life on land is as important as human life. Developing Our World contributes towards sustainable conservation of all forms of life on land. Join hands with us and support us in the cause.