Volume II | April 20, 2019
Easter = Restoration
Every story is a journey - and the context of it depends on where you begin to understand it. God's great narrative of love and our relationship with our Creator begins far before our disobedience, sin, and need for restoration. It actually begins in the heart of our Creator, from eternity to eternity. Even before creation, He already had a plan and this included creation, falling, redemption and restoration.

In this great narrative, our relationship with God, each other, and the rest of the creation was perfect. We can see that in the beginning, holistic communal living in its ultimate, full expression was harmonious.

After the fall, everything changed. Harmony was destroyed and chaos became a part of everyday life. All of these relationships once perfect, were broken and became imperfect.

"The effects of the fall are manifested in the economic, social, religious, and political systems that humans have created throughout history" (Corbett). Therefore, the consequences of the damaged relationships has brought discord, dislike, and imbalance to the whole creation that we are a part of. From that moment on, redemption and restoration was needed.

Thankfully, these broken relationships were promised to be harmonized and restored again in the future. It is the hope that Easter brings, the assurance of complete restoration.

Meanwhile, we serve and work to bring restoration everyday. That is the purpose of Developing Our World. By faith, we proclaim and demonstrate God's love to every human being and creation, which means to put holistic community development into action. Join us to restore this world!
Strategize Your Mission Trip
The first mission trips recorded in the Bible were undertaken by some of Christ’s direct disciples. In modern times, Developing Our World brings about a new way of organizing such missions dubbed ‘STM’, which is short for Short-Term Missions.

Mission Trips to Help the Victims of Natural Disasters
There are thousands of victims of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, mudslides, and tropical storms. Victims lost their homes, family members, and everything that they had. Developing Our World wants to help them by sending short-term mission teams to alleviate the suffering.

New Village in Guatemala
Barranco Colorado
Developing Our World is introducing to you our newest village, Barranco Colorado. We are working with Pastor Juan Carlos to bring holistic community development to this village.