April 2021
The Surprise of
the Resurrection
Do you like surprises? For most of us it depends. We like good surprises, not bad. A surprise birthday party is good. A surprise bill we need to pay is bad. Same with movies and novels. We like happy endings. Evidently, Nicholas Sparks writes stories that typically result in the death of a main character, usually near the end of the story. He plays on emotions because there is something bitter sweet about his surprise endings. On the other hand, I can tell you from sometimes unwanted experience that Hallmark movies are predictable and the two lovers that will get together do not kiss until the end of the movie.
The Easter drama started with sadness and gloom because Jesus Christ had been executed. The women cried, the men eventually fled, the soldiers gambled for the clothing of Jesus, bystanders pitied the Son of God - suggesting that “he saved others, but he can’t save himself” - and the devil thought it was checkmate with evil being the winner. On Good Friday it looked like a sad ending for all of humanity. But then…
God raised Jesus from the dead! What a surprise turn-a-round! The resurrection changed the entire outcome of the story. What had looked like defeat became the ultimate soul-winning victory. When we celebrate Easter, we celebrate the greatest story twist in history. So this Easter, let’s re-live the surprise happy ending with fresh passion and genuine hope. The reality of our risen Lord changes everything! May Easter hope paint our future. Christ was triumphant! He is Risen!
In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Mo Dunn
Sundays at 9 am
in person and online
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Thursday, April 1, 5:30pm
Maundy Thursday Worship with Communion and Carry In Meal
Come and worship as we remember the Last Supper. Communion will be served and then we will move to the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a meal together. Please bring a dish to share.
Good Friday Services
at St. Paul's UMC, Defiance
Friday, April 2, Noon - 3pm

Pastor Mo will preach at 1:30pm
Celebrate our Risen Savior!
Easter Worship
Celebrate our Risen Savior!

Sunrise Service - 7:30am
followed by breakfast

Easter Worship - 9 am

In person and online
To help us plan for Easter Breakfast, please let us know if you will attend! Breakfast will follow Sunrise Service which begins at 7:30 am (breakfast approximately 8:15am).
Reservations are not required but helpful!
Ladies Connections Group
Tuesdays at 5pm
A 90-day Devotional Study,
focusing on being mentally, physically and spiritually fit.
Inviting all ladies to Ayersville UMC for Bible study, prayer and walking. Contact the Leanne
for more information.
Pastor Mo will be teaching a Confirmation class on Wednesday nights starting April 7 from 7 - 8pm for students in grades 6 - 8. The curriculum is the book "We Believe", which is designed to help middle school students prepare for church membership and to say "yes" to Jesus. Confirmation Sunday is expected to take place by mid-June, and a special trip is being planned for the students. Please contact the church office if you have a student in grades 6-8 who would like to participate.
Six-Week Bible Study on Galatians - 2 Thessalonians
Sundays at 5pm beginning April 11

Come learn and fellowship as we dig into the Epistles of Paul!
Board and Staff will meet
on Tuesday, April 13 at 6pm

Everyone is welcome to attend!
Noodles are back!
Join the noodle crew making homemade noodles, beginning Wednesday, April 14 at 1pm. We will again have noodles available after April 15.
Homemade Donuts Drive Thru
Homemade Donuts Drive Thru
3rd Saturday of every month,
beginning April 17,
starting at 8am while supplies last
Ayersville dozen for
suggested donation of $4
Scrapbook Day
Saturday, April 24
9 am - 4 pm

Bring your current scrapbook project and come work and share with fellow scrapbookers.
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2021 Ayersville UMC
Scholarship Application
Due by April 11
Ayersville United Methodist Church offers a $500 one time scholarship
to those who are pursuing a degree or certification in higher education. Applications for the 2021 scholarships are due by April 11.
To apply click here or contact the church office for an application.
This month's collection idea for Operation Christmas Child:
Toothbrushes, floss, hairbrushes, combs, hair accessories,
stick deodorant, soap, washcloths, chapstick, Q-tips,
band-aids, nail clippers, and emery boards.
Collection continues for this year's Operation Christmas Child with different gift suggestions each month. For the month of April, be on the lookout for sales on personal care products. You may bring donations to the church and place them in the collection box outside the Sanctuary. Spread love to children around the world by giving them the gift of Jesus.
Thanks to Ayersville Local Schools for providing food to be distributed to those in need. If you know of anyone who could use some food, please contact Pastor Mo or the church office.
Continue to
Worship God
through Giving
Offering plates are in the back
at each worship service or

Send donations to:
27728 Ayersville Rd.,
Defiance, Ohio 43512

or a donation drop box is available
under the carport at the church
Give online through Tithe.ly
Special Easter Offering
With thanks for the sacrifice Christ made for us, please remember His church with a special Easter offering. Envelopes are available in the Sanctuary by the offering plates or you may give online.
Happy Birthday!
Pastor Mo Dunn April 2
Leah Adkins April 2
Mary Martin April 3
Denise Edmonds April 9
Eli Frederick April 10
Sam Ewers April 14
Hailey Baldwin April 14
Jade Forbess April 15
Steve Cavanaugh April 16
Tessa Edmonds April 19
Isaiah Marckel April 21
Frank Robbins April 23
Annabelle Roth April 24
Wende Tressler April 26
Happy Anniversary!
Dan & Marcia Baldwin April 2
Jerry & Cindy Vandemark April 3
Pastor Mo & Leanne Dunn April 5
Tom & Jenni Ellis April 14
Frank & Wende Tressler April 22
Bill & Emily Zartman April 30
Steve & Joyce Cavanaugh April 30

God's blessing to you on your special day! If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month, we rejoice with you too! Please let us know so we may add it to our calendar.