The Lord was with Wilford and Joseph

By Richard Woodruff Lambert

Children love stories, and as a child my mother Ruth would read to me from a children’s book of Bible stories. One of my favorites was the story of Joseph with his coat of many colors. As I learned about his life it was clear, as the scriptures recorded, that “the Lord was with Joseph“ always. (Genesis 39:2–3, 21, 23).

My mother also told me stories about her grandfather, Wilford Woodruff. I was fascinated to hear about his many accidents, close calls with death, his success as a missionary and pioneer, and his association with temples. After a challenging situation Wilford frequently would write “I went on my way rejoicing.” Only years later did I fully appreciate how many characteristics were shared by Wilford and Joseph, these two great men of God...

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Why Wilford Woodruff? Why Now? 

“How we transitioned from the very early days of the Church to the Church essentially as we know it today, comes through the life of Wilford Woodruff in a way that was really extraordinary.”

Insights From a Stellar Volunteer: Sarah Paul

The words of prophets, modern and ancient, bring us closer to Jesus Christ. Studying their accounts gives us a front row seat to the challenges they faced and how their faith in Jesus Christ aided them.

Sarah Paul, a volunteer at the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation, studies the powerful experiences and words of the prophet Wilford Woodruff every day as she researches members of Wilford Woodruff’s extended family...

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Wilford Woodruff's Influence and Impact 

Video by James Dalrymple

In 1839, Wilford Woodruff left his family and the struggling community of Saints in Illinois to fulfill the mission to Great Britain commanded by the Lord (see Doctrine and Covenants 118). Overcoming many challenges and continual opposition, Wilford and the other apostles were blessed to teach and baptize thousands.

We recently collaborated with local missionaries and young adults in England to create video vignettes of Wilford’s missionary experiences in 1840. Stay tuned to walk in his shoes, meet descendants of some of the people he influenced, and understand how his experiences are relevant today.

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