April 10th, 2019
Hello friends!

The more we choose to bask in the good in ourselves, the easier it is to see it in others.  We  see their kindness, generosity, playfulness, enthusiasm, joy and all their other amazing qualities.  The more we focus on this good in ourselves and others, the more we internalize it, making it a firm belief and reality for ourselves.

Take a moment to appreciate your amazing self.  Then take another one! 
Here's a sampling of what's new in the store this month....

Lots of stripes put us in a nautical mood this morning. 
We have plenty of colors, shapes and different fabrics so there are stripes for all!

Fascinating new styles of jewelry in the piano wire we know and love so well.  There's something really beguiling about the way the strings move together!

Exquisitely detailed stretch lace tops which look fabulous with elegant floaty palazzo pants or jeans.  Perfect for a relaxed wedding or garden party.  
Some great new summer hats too!

Totally delicious-smelling, all natural body care products from Plum Island in Massachusetts.  With bases like olive and coconut oil and scented with pure essential oils these are a treat for your body and senses.

This compelling, newly released book is a tapestry of teachings from women of wisdom past and present.  Stories and lessons from mystics, goddesses, contemporary teachers and seekers are interwoven with Mirabai Starr's own reflections and anecdotes with suggested practices for integrating the topics with your own experience.  Each chapter focuses on a particular station of the women's wisdom journey, such as navigating heartbreak or walking the path of creative self-expression.  Here's a little taste...

Reconciliation - personal and communal
While we may comprehend that holding onto resentments is like ingesting  spiritual cyanide, it is not easy to let go of the story line of our own wounds.  Nor must we.  The feminine way is to allow ourselves to feel what we feel, softening and yielding to the reality of the pain, breathing through it like a woman being ripped open by the contractions of labor, and allowing ourselves to birth ourselves anew (again and again).  Each time we show up for what is true, our hearts expand and strengthen, increasing our capacity to forgive and be forgiven.

Lastly, here's the reverse side of the card at the top 
from The Four Agreements deck by Don Miguel Ruiz.

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Thank you! 

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