April 9, 2015
PACE Case: When Citalopram 20mg ? 20mg

An 82 y/o PACE participant was discharged from the hospital with three new psychiatric medications. This participant was discharged on the maximum geriatric recommended dose of citalopram: 20mg, but the pharmacist realized that this participant would end up with higher plasma concentrations than anticipated, due to "kinetic boosting" via competitive inhibition. 


Click here for the full case and clinical pharmacist intervention.  

Quote of the Month
" I am so impressed by the professionalism and customer focus that
I see with CareKinesis associates. In addition, you provide us with
excellent data and suggestions.

 - Anthony Buividas
   University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

4/16 Webinar: Med Room Management & Workflow
PACE managers are invited to attend Medication Room Management & Workflow: Case Studies for Success on April 16 at 3pm ET. Webinar participants will learn:
  • Optimal allocation of employees involved in the medication management process at different stages of program growth;
  • Strategies for managing medications administered in the center;
  • Risk mitigation techniques that address home administration; and
  • Measures that can be used to track for success in the area of medication management.
Judy Draper, MSN, CRNP - Gerontologic Nurse Practitioner, Case Manager and Care
Transitions Coordinator, LIFE UPenn
Keith Howell, BSHM, LPN, CPhT - Medication Department Manager, Senior CommUnity Care - Colorado
Carlos Perez, MSN, RN-BC - VP Client Outcomes, CareKinesis Inc.

To attend this webinar, email RSVP@CareKinesis.com
Falls & the PACE Population
In older adults, falls are prevalent and often lead to injuries. In many instances, fall-related injuries in older adults can be fatal. Many medications commonly prescribed to older adults may pose a problem to their safety by increasing the risk of injurious falls. Medication-targeted interventions, including discontinuation of fall-inducing medications, switching to an alternative medication with lower fall risk and pharmacist-conducted comprehensive medication review, can be effective in reducing fall risk, as supported by evidence from myriad studies. Click here for the full article.


Technology News
  • EireneRx 101 Webinars: 4/9, 5/8 @ 3pm ET 
  • Anticholinergic Burden (ACB) scores - deployed in March, participant ACB scores now appear on participant profile screens (client-requested feature)
  • Coming soon: E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (ECPS) and revision of prescription renew/reissue functionality
If you have questions about these or any other new features, kindly email us!
Attending the NPA Policy Forum?


Join your PACE peers for a cocktail reception and plated dinner, with a presentation from special guest Ariel A. Gonzalez, Esq., Director of Health and Family Advocacy, AARP.


Monday, April 20 at 6:30pm 
Hampton Room 
Omni Hotel, Washington DC



This reception is held during the NPA Spring Policy Forum. Please respond to RSVP@CareKinesis.com by April 15, 2015.We hope to see you there!  

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