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Lyme/PANDAS Parent Support Group 

Next Friday: April 24th 11:30am to 1pm
We are finally on a rotation that will hopefully have some sticking power. The 4th Friday of the month 11:30am at Berucci's, Ashburn will be the rotation. Next week we will hear a talk about how Yoga can help. Julianne Misra a Yoga Instructor at The Om Center in Ashburn offers individualized yoga sessions to help target specific needs.  Come  hear the talk and visit with new friends. We look forward to seeing you next week! If you haven't already, please RSVP to this email.

May's Topic: Preparing for a Successful Summer
Friday, May 26th at 11:30am at Bertucci's we will explore tips relating to implementing a loose summer schedule, reducing toxic influence, avoiding meltdowns and more. For those of you with chemically sensitive children, we will also learn how to make homemade sunscreen! Join Gabrielle as she provides this talk, just in time for summer vacation.

Help Needed!
Our group is growing and growing. This is wonderful. I want this group to reach out and help everyone who needs it. In anticipation of more growth, I am still looking for volunteers to distribute post cards to restaurant/coffee shop, library, etc bulletin boards. As well as doctor offices and other places that may catch a struggling family's eye. One parent already volunteered to help create binders and type up emails. Thank you!

Donations to Help Absorb Costs
Each group session will be given the opportunity to donate. The overhead is small, but expenses do exist. I like to buy the meal of the presenter as well as provide you with supplies and market within the community. Giving can be minimal, even a dollar here and there, but will be appreciated.

Essential Oils:
I get requests to order essential oils and will place orders from time to time. 
Respond to these emails anytime if you would like me to order something for you too. Please note that you will pay retail prices (although I will absorb the shipping costs). If you would prefer wholesale prices,
you can get a wellness account too  to get the same savings.  Anyone who orders from me will receive your order at the following support group meeting (unless you work it out to come pick it up at my office). Please NEVER feel pressured. I just like to offer it to those who desire it.

FYI. I am offering an essential oils class (Anna will teach it again) to therapists TOMORROW at 11:30 at Bertucci's. If you want to crash this luncheon, just let me know. Anna will be talking to us about diffusing essential oils for different emotional related issues. You are MORE than welcome to attend. It will be informal like our luncheons are. I love learning this info.

Group Directory
Some of you have requested that I share your contact info with others in the group. I f you would like to be added to a directory for this be given out to other group members, please respond to this email and include the following:

Y our name
Email address
Infections represented in your family (children and parents)
Ages/genders of those infected

Free Helpful Informational Tips and Links

Visit our website for blog articles specific to Lyme disease and PANDAS.   Tips for regulating emotions, compassion fatigue, blood sugar rages, safety and prevention, diet and more are included.

We also have a collection of information specific to Lyme and PANDAS on Pinterest.

All new blog articles are pushed to our FaceBook page. 

44081 Pipeline Plaza, #225, Ashburn, VA 21047
ph:  703.350.1346