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Dear PFLAG'ers,

April 14th was to be the date of our next monthly support group meeting. In light of  Governor Roy Cooper's  statewide stay-at-home order, obviously we will not meet.  We shall miss gr eatly the ability to hug, comfort and inspire each other.  Fortunately there is a way a lot of us can get together on a new technology called "Zoom".  We are using it at work and for family.  It is free and allow you to use a smartphone or computer.  

To join the meeting you copy and paste/ or click this link into your web browser:   It will take you to a screen that says allow and download.  Do that and then allow your phone or computer video camera to work.  

We will send the link again via email the day before the meeting.  Try it before the meeting to get the download done! 

For those who cannot join us via zoom, please reach out to us with any issues you would like us to discuss and we will try to address it.  In the meantime, please stay safe and take care of yourselves and those around you.  

All the best,

Pete and Beth

A Message from PFLAG National

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are healthy, and that you are doing all you can to keep yourself and your community safe. I am doing my part by working from home, as is the rest of the PFLAG National team. We are grateful to be able to continue the work in service of PFLAG's mission -- especially now -- and we are here for you and your family.
So many people are feeling isolated and afraid, possibly dealing with illness, loss of work, childcare, eldercare, visitation, paying bills, or just keeping refrigerators filled and dry goods stocked. In communities across the country, there are LGBTQ+ kids who will be home with unsupportive parents, and those parents will now need the critical support provided by our 400 chapters across the country.

We have been working tirelessly to create new resources and avenues of support for PFLAG members and supporters, as well as for the PFLAG Chapter Network. In the last two weeks we have:
  • Provided critical guidance to our chapter leaders for hosting digital support meetings;
  • Reinforced the use of and access to our PFLAG National publications, all available online for free download;
  • Provided guidance for accessing our copious educational resources through PFLAG Academy Online, our online learning program;
  • Created a brand-new newsletter, PFLAG Connects, which offers digital tools and resources to strengthen PFLAG's pillars of support, education, and advocacy -- all of which are critical, especially in the midst of this global crisis;
  • Launched a digital advocacy campaign for Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, #TransKids #SoFierce, to continue the fight against 200+ anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in state legislatures across the country; and
  • Launched a new live version of Something to Talk About, PFLAG National's monthly series that creates conversation about LGBTQ+ issues, courtesy of our Learning & Inclusion team.
I can't say it enough: Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for making the work possible, the coming-out moment easier, and the parent and family journey to acceptance smoother.
Stay safe and well, 
Brian K. Bond
Executive Director
PFLAG National



Welcome to PFLAG Alamance. We offer a safe, confidential space in which to explore our feelings and under-standings about the LGBT experience, especially "coming out" and what this means to families and other loved ones. Listen and share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, knowing that others can understand.




And remember....when you no longer feel you need PFLAG, PFLAG needs you! There are people out there who need a supportive friend.