The Power of Promotion - April 2020
Even in these uncertain times, we take to the fields. We have an incredible opportunity to share our sustainability story through social media, as it influences how consumers shop for food. Consumers are increasingly aware that food grown closer to home will be fresher, mean fewer carbon emissions and support the local economy.

At many family dairy farms such as ours, farmers practice conservation and recycling, while considering what is best for planet, the cows and the consumer. Farmers work with teams of local and national experts to continually improve sustainability efforts and ensure the land stays healthy for future generations. We can share these great messages on our websites, Facebook pages and more.

We need to tout farmer-led groups such as Peninsula Pride Farms , and strengthen these demonstration projects with the state and federal Departments of Agriculture.

It’s unrealistic to think that busy farmers facing financial challenges can go out on the stump to convince almost half of Americans about the awesome sustainable practices on the nation’s farms. We need to tap organizations that are helping to advance our efforts and ensure dairy’s relevance and market competitiveness.

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy , supported by the dairy checkoff, is one of these organizations that turns up the volume for healthy products that support healthy people and a healthy planet. Register with the Innovation Center at to learn more about how it reinforces dairy farmers’ environmental leadership and to get involved.
Lee Kinnard
Kinnard Farms, Casco, Wisconsin
Proud Wisconsin Dairy Farmer
Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Links the Dairy Chain  
Since 2008, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has connected the many links of the dairy value chain. This forum brings together farmers, cooperatives, processors and other stakeholders to pre-competitively address barriers and opportunities, strengthen consumer trust, support social responsibilities, encourage dairy innovation and increase sales.
It’s where the dairy community collaborates on issues affecting the industry, aligns key priorities and works to accelerate progress toward common goals sustainability. It’s also where we come together to share research, best practices and tools.
The globally accredited F.A.R.M. Animal Care program, Food Safety and Traceability guidance and Environmental Stewardship tools are examples of the meaningful impact made through the Innovation Center.
Retail Limits on Dairy  
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin heard the plea from farmers and consumers to work with retailers to stop limiting the purchase of dairy products.
Our outreach had early success with such retailers as Festival Foods lifting all limits at most stores in early April. Another strong partner of dairy farmers, Kwik Trip made a public promise to replenish stores more often so favorite products would always be available.
To go further, CEO Chad Vincent reached out to the Wisconsin Grocers Association to ask that all stores in Wisconsin lift the limits on dairy products. As a key partner in the food supply chain, our farmers needed their help. Teaming up with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the combined effort helped national retailer, Target, eliminate the all-inclusive directive to limit milk and butter in their stores.
Some fluid suppliers offered more deliveries and a greater supply with each delivery to grocers to support our dairy farmers.
DFW heard the support for our dairy farmers throughout the supply chain. We continue to reach out to retailers who struggle to maintain the supply needed to nourish their communities.  
Checkoff Efforts in Your Local Community
We are partnering with GENYOUTH, a national DMI program, during this critical time to provide grants of up to $3,000 per school to supply much-needed resources for meal distribution and delivery efforts to get food to Wisconsin students during this time. The grants are also noted under “Additional Information” the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s COVID resource page. Please share with your area school district.
DFW's partnership with the Hunger Task Force and Wisconsin DATCP represents an important effort to align dairy processors with excess milk production to other emergency food organizations in the state. Business and community leaders, as well as donors are encouraged to rise to this challenge and support Wisconsin farmers and food producers.
In the News
PDPW’s Dairy Signal – Available to all dairy farmers and industry, PDPW brings together industry experts and advisors during the next several weeks to share market updates, information and resources. DFW’s CEO Chad Vincent discusses market challenges and opportunities with Mark Stephenson on April 7 and April 14.
DBA Podcast – A great lineup of speakers chat with former farm broadcaster, Mike Austin. Mike and his guest conversationally discuss the dairy industry and its many facets. Join and listen to Mike and DFW’s Sr. VP of Insights and Strategy, Jen Walsh as they discuss consumer demands and retail market information.
The "Dairy Policy & Supply Chain Disruptions" webinar hosted by UW-Madison Extension, will be the first webinar in the "Farm Management Through a Crisis: Part of the Supporting Farmers During Challenging Times Series." They will discuss the current ag markets, supply chain disruptions, and stress management tools to get us through these tough times. Adam Brock, director of food safety, quality and regulatory provides insights into the supply chain challenges and what is being done to minimize the disruptions. | 800.373.9662

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