April 2020
Benoit Update: COVID-19
We sincerely hope that everyone has been and continues to remain safe during this very difficult time. In light of these recent events, like many, Benoit has enabled our staff to work remotely. We will continue to provide our services and, as always, will do our very best to meet or exceed deadlines set by you, our valued clients.

We are committed to providing you with safe, reliable, and uninterrupted service. If you require some help or have any questions, please let us know. We'd be happy to help in any way that we can. Take care everyone.
AER: Relief for Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic Response
On April 7, 2020, Alberta Energy temporarily deferred specific reporting requirements for the industry until August 14, 2020. AER Bulletin 2020-10 further outlines the relief measures taken during this time, which include (but are not limited to):

  • All deliverability, annual, and initial reservoir pressure surveys for resource conservation
  • All annual progress reports and performance presentations for scheme approvals
  • Submission of well logs and summary reports
  • Inactive wells not part of the Inactive Well Compliance Program:
  • initial suspension requirements in Directive 013 for all wells considered low and medium risk type 6
  • on-going inspection requirements in Directive 013 for all wells considered low and medium risk
  • Inactive wells in the Inactive Well Compliance Program:
  • compliance deadline for the final year of the program

A copy of Bulletin 2020-10 and IL 2020-13 can be found here and here, respectively.
SK: Bulletin BT2020-007: Temporary Regulatory Relief Measures
On April 14, 2020, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources (ER) announced it is implementing a temporary policy to allow for discretionary enforcement for oil and gas regulations on all oil and gas wells, facilities and pipelines regulated by the ER. The policy will be applied retroactively to March 1, 2020. BT2020-007 and the accompanying Ministry Relief Bulletin describe the relief measures being applied and their duration, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Full compliance implementation date for PNG017 will be extended until April 1, 2021.
  • Full compliance implementation date for PNG076 will be extended until April 1, 2021.
  • Compliance reporting in several categories, with the exception of drilling start and finish dates, is suspended until further notice.
  • Some authorizations that are due to expire in 2020 and any authorizations granted prior to December 31, 2020 will be extended to December 31, 2021.

A copy of BT2020-007 can be found here.
BCOGC: IB 2020-04: Temporary Relief Measures
On April 16, 2020, the BC Oil and Gas Commission issued Information Bulletin 2020-04 outlining the Commission’s initial response to COVID-19 which includes:

  • deferral of 2019/2020 annual pipeline liability levy from 30 to 90 days, as explained in INDB 2020-09.
  • postponing invoicing of the Orphan Well Liability Levy.
  • exercise discretion to extend the expiry of a permit of authorization, pursuant to Ministerial Order 98/2020.

A copy of IB 2020-04 can be found here.

AER Bulletin 2020-03: Directive 065 and Manual 012 Updated
On March 11, 2020, the AER released new editions of Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs and Manual 012: Energy Development Applications Procedures and Schedules . The AER updated section 4.1.3 of Directive 065 and section 7.3.6 of Manual 012 to align with Alberta Energy’s Information Letter 2019-37 and AER Bulletin 2019-30 , clarifying consent requirements when Crown mineral and disposal rights overlap.

Be sure you check your existing Crown Mineral Authorizations to ensure they have been updated pursuant to Alberta Energy’s Mineral Rights Information Letter 2019-37 .

 You may still require an application to Alberta Energy to satisfy the requirements of Information Bulletin 2019-01

A copy of Bulletin 2020-03 can be found here .
AER Bulletin 2020-04: Revisions to the Digital Data Submission System (DDS)
On March 11, 2020, the AER announced that operators are able to submit diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) results and pressure volume temperature (PVT) studies in their TRG PAS files through the DDS.

A copy of Bulletin 2020-04 can be found here .

Alberta Energy Information Letter 2020-09: Tenure Extensions 
On March 23, 2020, AE announced a one-year extension for Petroleum and Natural Gas agreements, Oil Sands agreements and Metallic and Industrial Mineral permits expiring from March 20, 2020 up to and including December 31, 2020.

Extension applications must be submitted to AE prior to agreement expiry. Upon verification, AE will grant extensions until one year from the agreement expiry date.

A copy of Information Letter 2020-09 can be found here .

Integrated Compliance Management Program (ICMP) at Benoit
Did you know that Benoit provides a service which covers our regulatory application, liability management ratio and evaluation services under one umbrella?
 Under this program, Benoit acts as a “regulatory arm” for your company by receiving and responding to all compliance related matters on your company’s behalf, usually for only a few hundred dollars per month.

As your regulatory designate, in addition to our regulatory application service, Benoit conducts a number of additional services including, but not limited to:

  • Inactive Well Compliance Program Monitoring
  • Liability Management Rating Forecasting
  • DDS Entry for Well/Completion Details
  • Flaring Notifications
  • Well Test Data Submissions
  • Gas Conservation Economic Analyses
  • Monthly VRR calculations/updates for Enhanced Recovery Schemes

If you're interested in this service or would like to discuss this further, please contact us or visit our website for more information
SK: Allowable Rate of Production
On March 25, 2020 the Ministry of Energy and Resources (ER) announced that The Economic Allowance (EA) table – Appendix 4 of Directive PNG012: Allowable Rate of Production: Oil Wells has been updated. The EA value is now applied to greater depths on a well than was previously outlined. Users may note a change in overproduction values due to the above change.
Additional information can be found here .
BCOGC Industry Bulletin 2020-08: Submission of Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs) and Updates to TRG Submissions
On March 25, 2020, the BCOGC updated the Transient Pressure and Deliverability Test (TRG) submission to include Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs). DFITs are to be submitted to the Commission within 60 days of the end of the test. 

A copy of Industry Bulletin 2020-08 can be found here.
SK: Oil Infrastructure Investment Program
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources has announced the launch of the Oil Infrastructure Investment Program (OIIP) to assist in the construction or expansion of transmission or feeder pipelines, pipeline terminals or other enabling infrastructure in the Province. Applications will be accepted from now until March 31, 2025.

A link to the ER’s webpage on this program can be found here.  

Well Testing Services at Benoit
To support Benoit's regulatory application and compliance related submissions, Benoit now utilizes an in-house well test analysis expert, Mr. Reza Ali, C.E.T.

Mr. Ali has over 30 years of experience specializing in domestic and international Flow and Build-Up, Production Data and DFIT Analyses. 

If you would like a well test analyzed or if you would simply like more information on our well testing services, please feel free to contact Robyn (at 403.263.3690) or Jason (at 403.874.6769). You may also contact R eza Ali directly at 403.454.0430.
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