Harvard Business Review Management Tip:
Make SEEC A Safe Space to Talk About Mental Health 

When your employees are struggling with mental health, they should be able to open up and ask for help. Think about how you can create a work environment that makes them feel safe enough to do so. For example, pay attention to the language you and your team use. Comments like “Mr. OCD is at it again” or “She is being so bipolar this week” stigmatize issues that employees could be struggling with, and make it harder for people to come forward. If you hear employees using that kind of language, discourage them from continuing, and, if necessary, explain why it’s hurtful. You can also set the tone by sharing your experiences with mental health and making yourself available to team members in need. When someone confides in you, be ready to tell them about the mental health resources your company has. 

SEEC has an active Employee Assistance Program along with other resources. See this LINK or Human Resources for details.
Adapted from “ 5 Ways Bosses Can Reduce the Stigma of Mental Health at Work ," by Diana O'Brien & Jen Fisher