South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - April 2018
Reflection, evaluation, and preparation.

Although we see the end of the 2017-18 school year approaching, there is still time for reflection, evaluation and improvement.

Self-reflection and evaluation provide space to think about what you could/should do next year, what goals you want to accomplish, and what type of professional development and support is needed to get there.

The SEEC will share its 2018-19 Professional Learning Opportunities Guide on the website next week! It covers many areas including:
  • Afterschool programming support
  • Assessment - Formative Instructional Practice
  • Classroom Management
  • Effective Instruction
  • English Learners Support
  • Health & Wellness (Mental Health, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity / Education)
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (Academic, Behavior, Social & Emotional)
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Student Engagement
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8th Annual NDMTSS Conference
Expanding Our System of Supports
June 11-13, 2018  |  Holiday Inn, Fargo
Health & Wellness Update 
Healthy Schools Summit Recap
On March 21st the8th Annual Summit brought  115 individuals from ND, MN, and SD working in food service, physical education, health education, wellness, administration as well as surrounding college students!  Learn more here.
"This Summit actually exceeded my expectations. A lot of good ideas I can go back to my school with." - PE/Health Elementary Teacher

"Great resources, ideas, variety of speakers, hands-on ideas." - Campaign Director, American Heart Association

Family Fun Night! - Get up, Get out & MOVE!
On April 5th nearly 400 from around the community came to the SchoolsAlive! Family Fun Night held in the Rustad Recreation Center in West Fargo. This event is geared towards children ages 2 - grade 6 and their families. Great activities, Fun Meal Deals, College teams, inflatable slides. It was a blast! See photos here.

Upcoming Opportunities
Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Skills & Effective Classroom Assessment 
3-Part Webinar Series with Phil Warrick, Marzano Research

In the standards-era of education, it is critical that schools develop a Guaranteed and Viable curriculum. A guaranteed curriculum means all teachers will teach the same priority standards for the same course and/or grade level. A viable curriculum is one that can be taught in the time available for teachers to do so.

Assessment is first and foremost a teaching tool, not just a grading tool. Developing quality assessments and using a variety of assessment practices is one of the most important aspects for teaching and learning in the standards-based learning environment.

Legos in the Library 
Edgeley Meaningful Out-of-School-Time Program

Legos in the Library
On March 21st, Edgeley's Meaningful Out of School Time (MOST) Program took its students to the community library to create a themed Lego display. This project allowed students to brainstorm a theme, plan of action and how they would present it back to the group - a great use of 21st Century Skills and the 4 Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking). 

Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers
Creating digital portfolios

As you and your students start to prepare for the flurry of end-of-year assignments, projects, and tests, it's important to recognize the progress and growth that your students have shown throughout the year or term. One way of doing this is through a portfolio of student work.

What if I told you that you there is a way I can keep them with me without the restrictions of physical space? Say what?  Yes! Through a digital portfolio, anyone can take their previous work (in digital format) with them anywhere in the world (where there is an internet connection).

Examples include: Google Sites,  EverNote,  OneNote,  Seesaw,  Weebly. 
PD for Me Webchats
FREE + available to area schools

Sessions include:
  • PBS LearningMedia: All-Star Resources for K-12 classrooms, April 11
  • Tech Round Up: The Best Tech Tips K-12, April 19
  • Coding & Storytelling with Scratch Jr  PK-5, April 25
All PD for Me workshops are also available at no cost to area schools. Email to schedule a workshop at your school!

All PD for Me webinars are recorded and archived at the  ND Teacher Community Program Webinar page.  So if you can't join the day of a webinar cause you're grading, conferencing, coaching, or otherwise doing the teacher to-do list, catch-up with some great content anytime. 

Music & Movement Webinar
Music & Movement Webinar

SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
April 16 or 17 Project-Based Learning - Math Science Partnership - Fargo
April 18
NDMTSS Barrier Busting Implementation Structured Support Day - Mandan
April 18 Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Scales & Effective Classroom Assessment - Webinar 1 of 3 
April 27
Spring Cafeteria Credit Registration Deadline - VCSU
 (Recording date May 15)
April 30
Using Effective Classroom Assessment to Personalize Student Learning
May 1 NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Behavior Year 1 - Fargo
May 7 Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Scales & Effective Classroom Assessment - Webinar 2 of 3
May 9 Smarter Lunchrooms: Nutrition Service Pre-Planning Day - Fargo
May 31-June 1 ND/SD Hutterite Colony / Multi-grade English Learners Conference - Brookings, SD
June 5-6
Active Classrooms - Fargo
June 6-7 Trauma Sensitive Schools Training of Trainers - Minot
June 11-13 NDMTSS Conference - Fargo
June 18-19 Safe Spaces - Jamestown
June 18-22 Project-Based Learning - Math Science Partnership - Fargo
June 18 Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Scales & Effective Classroom Assessment - Webinar 3 of 3

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more
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