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Is Fulvio Fish Food or Just a Matter of Perspective? Paul Mila photo, Cozumel, Mexico
Welcome to the April edition of Sea-gram  from  

March was an exciting and busy month, starting with a week of great diving in Cozumel, and then attending  the Beneath The Sea (BTS) scuba exposition in Secaucus, NJ. 

 Jamie Pollack of Shark Angels ( swam by and visited the author book signing booth . . .

     . . . and it was also fun to sign copies of my children's book, Harry Hawksbill Helps His Friends at the BEST Publishing Company booth.

In this month's headline photo above, it looks like legendary Cozumel diver Fulvio of the Deep is about to fall victim to the legendary, man-eating giant queen trigger fish. Of course the giant queen trigger doesn't exist, but it's real-life two-foot cousin does. It's all a matter of perspective. I was shooting dive buddy Fulvio in the deep blue off Santa Rosa Wall when a queen trigger passed in front of the lens.

This month's 
Conservation Corner features  an update on the extent of plastic pollution affecting our oceans.

This month's  Story Behind the Photo article features two perspectives of a sea turtle as dive buddy Andy Bachhuber and I shoot each other as we take our photos.
If you have a photo with an interesting story or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Sea-gram !
  Paul J. Mila
  Conservation Corner . . .
     Plastic Pollution: a Worldwide Problem
Jim Colligan sent me this video link about plastic pollution in the ocean.  Knowing the problem exists is one thing. Seeing it really brings the magnitude to life.

Plastic pollution kills all kind of sea life, such as this bird, which had ingested many kinds of plastic, including a cigarette lighter:
Dead Albatross
If you want to find out more about this serious issue, visit YouTube and search on "Plastic Pollution." You'll be amazed at the extent of this worldwide problem.

 Story Behind the Photo(s) . . .
                   Twin Shots
                        By Andy Bachhuber,  Madison Wisconson, and 
                                                                 Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
Our group was diving with Alison on a reef she calls, "Alison's Secret Spot." Dive buddy Andy Bachhuber and I decided that since we are always behind the lens we would take shots of each other with a turtle or some other sea creature if the situation presented itself. 

We were at about 60 feet deep when a cooperative hawksbill turtle showed up.   With Alison looking on in the background, Andy and I straddled the turtle. I shot Andy taking his shot . . .  

 . . . while Andy took me getting my shot of the same turtle.

Photo Equipment:
Paul: SeaLife DC2000 Camera with Sea Dragon strobe & wide-angle lens.
Andy:  Canon S95 with Ikelite housing and AF35 strobe.
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Conservation Corner: 

Plastic Pollution: a Worldwide Problem

Story Behind the Photo(s):
Twin Shots


                      Stories lower left column.

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Updates & Miscellaneous Features
A Fascinating Eagle Ray Video
  I n Cozumel last month I met up with an old friend, Jim Rogers, who I hadn't seen for several years. Jim reminded me about an eagle ray video he had shot. 
Enjoy his very unique video:

In Jim's words, "I was diving on Santa Rosa Reef back in February 2015, about 60 feet deep. I spotted this eagle ray eating and swimming." 

  * * * * * * * * *
Enjoy Your Safety Stop   

What do you do during your safety stop? Most of us assume our dive is over when we ascend for our safety stop.
Then, we hang at 15 feet and watch our computer or dive watch count down for three minutes until we surface.
But that's when all kinds of interesting things can still happen -- such as this hawksbill turtle rising to the surface for a breath. Diver Andy Bachhuber took this shot of dive operator Alison Dennis and another diver watching the turtle while waiting to surface.

Andy Bachhuber Photo, Cozumel.

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Great New Book!
I had the pleasure to share the author book signing booth with 
Joan Martelli 
at Beneath The Sea last month. 
Her fascinating new book, 
The Law of Storms
is available on Amazon. 
"On October 29, 1867 a powerful Category 3 hurricane made a direct hit on the Virgin Islands sinking one of the world's most luxurious passenger ships, the Rhone. 
The Law of Storms is the fascinating true story of that ship, her two rival captains, and the critical role that both luck and skill played in their lives." 

Click the book cover for more information and how you can order Joan's book:

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 Sea Shepherd Update

For more information on Sea Shepherd's latest conservation activities visit their website:

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