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 Welcome to the April edition of  Sea-gram,   from
This month we're taking a look the sea creatures that divers encounter, from the biggest (whales) to some of the smallest (sea horses). 

I recently watched a National Geographic video of a humpback whale's view of the world taken in Antarctica . . . . 
 . . .  so I thought we would feature humpback encounters that you can do, too. C heck out humpback whale encounters that you can experience in our Featured Creature Section.

I also received a great sea horse photo from fellow diver David Robertson for our Story Behind The Photo Section.

Finally, check out the About section for a new book title contest.


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Paul J. Mila
Humpback Whale Encounters ... For you
                                                        By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
T wo places where you can do more than just watch whales from a boat are the Silver Bank of the Dominican Republic and the Tonga Islands of the South Pacific.

To snorkel with humpbacks in the Dominican Republic, check out the Turks & Caicos Aggressor Live-aboard at:
I'll never forget looking into the eye of a baby humpback! 
Baby Humpback
 Paul Mila Photo, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.

To visit humpbacks in the Tonga Islands of the South Pacific, check out the 
Nai'a live-aboard operation at:

Free dive with whales as they come up to meet you . . .
paul & humpback
Paul with a Humpback, Rob Barrel photo

 . . . and meet giants, up close and personal.
Playing with a humpback
Fellow diver John Tressmer plays with a  humpback.
Paul Mila Photo, Tonga, South Pacific
 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                The Little Seahorse
                    By David Robertson, AKA DOTS, Reno Nevada
Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
David didn't send many details about his photo, but I know he was diving with Alison (

I recognized the little critter that David photographed, since I also saw it when I was diving with Alison about a month earlier.  It was living on a reef called Palancar Bricks in Cozumel, about 60 feet down.

The nice thing about this little guy, I estimated only about four or five inches tall, was that he liked to pose. Most sea horses are shy and won't give you a good camera angle. 
I also took a shot when Alison found him for us, but David's photo was much better. Note the colorful background and the perfect exposure.

Editor's Note:
DOTS is David's Cozumel persona:  David  O The Shallows.
David's Equipment: 
Sea and Sea 8000 G camera with YS-55 strobe 


Sea horses also come in a variety of colors, like this brown one I photographed a year ago on a shallow reef, also in Cozumel:
Sea horses can be found at various depths but require a sharp eye to spot.  You won't see them swimming free. 
They usually tend to wrap their tail around a soft coral, a sponge, seaweed or algae, where they blend into their surroundings.
Paul's Equipment:
SeaLife  DC1000 Camera with digital flash.
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Featured Creature: 

 Humpback Whale Encounters . . . for you!                   

Story Behind the Photo:

                            "The Little Sea Horse"

                  (Stories, lower left column)  
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1. Water Skiing With Dolphins!
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2. Baby Gray Whale Encounter
This tour group enjoyed playing with a baby gray whale. Watch them actually rub the baleen inside the whale's mouth:
Video Credit: DawnFeuerberg/Aurora Adventure via Storyful

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Freshwater Corner
For all you freshwater fans, Michigan-based diver/author/photographer 
Nancy Washburne is back -- this time Nancy tells us about a fish know as the "Water Wolf."
Check out Nancy's video:
The Water Wolf
The Water Wolf

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