The Volunteer Voice  

Vol.6 Issue 5       Be The Change. Volunteer.      May 2017

Hey there!

Now is your time to blossom into a dedicated volunteer. Warm weather and cool breezes are the perfect combination to volunteer outside. With the fun and sun of volunteering, you May wish it never ends (and it doesn't have to).  

Make plans to join us for Jersey Cares Day, our biggest volunteer event of the year!  

Volunteer to organize food donations at Hunger Helpers in Atlantic City, make Branch Brook Park look great at Earth Keepers in Essex County, or improve your leadership skills by becoming a Summer Seasons of Service Project Coordinator .

Jersey Cares Day
Jersey Cares Day is bringing 2,000 volunteers together from all over New Jersey with the common goal of revitalizing communities across the state.

This year, five of our fifteen opportunities will be family-friendly events for 300 volunteers in some of the most under-served communities in the state.

Join us on May 6th and be a part of the many new ways we plan to bring together families, corporations, nonprofit partners, municipalities, community groups and people of all walks to be the change!

Audible Creates STEM Inspired Wall Murals 

It’s never a Boron moment when Audible employees spend their day volunteering at a school in Newark. The people in attendance could really feel the chemistry when the paint brushes started hitting the walls. By the end of the day, the school had fresh new STEM themed murals in their hallways. Thank you Audible for your continued support of the Newark community and Jersey Cares. 
Join Our Leadership Development Program
Come have fun in the sun and join Jersey Cares' leadership development program this summer as a Summer Seasons of Service Project Coordinator by participating in a 10-week leadership program to build your leadership, communication and project management skills! PC's provide leadership in Jersey Cares’ recurring volunteer opportunities by serving as a liaison between volunteers, nonprofit partners, and Jersey Cares. They encourage volunteers to “Be the Change” and provide directions during projects. Give back, build skills and attend networking opportunities to meet like-minded people. You must be 17 and older to become a Project Coordinator. 
  • Fill out an application
  • Register here and attend an orientation session. 
  • Lead 10 volunteer opportunities (or more).
  • July 15, attend a networking midterm session. 
  • August 19, attend a networking closing session.
For more information, please contact or (973) 533-1993 ext. 20.

Volunteer Star
Siobhan Pringle volunteered for several years at Cooking Creations in Morristown before becoming a Project Coordinator last January.  She decided to become a Project Coordinator because it gave her the responsibility to show up and volunteer regularly.  Siobhan now serves as a Project Coordinator at Hunger Helpers in Paterson and volunteers with her dog at Pet Therapy in Hanover.  She finds helping at Hunger Helpers quite gratifying because it involves diverse people from different worlds coming together and the clients are so thankful for everything.

Earth Keepers in Essex County Branch Brook Park
Known nationally as the first park open to the public in the United States, Essex County Branch Brook Park needs volunteers to help continue caring for this local treasure.  This is a wonderful environmental opportunity and learning experience suitable for team and community building! Volunteers will work side by side with trained Rutgers Master Gardeners on behalf of the  Care of The Park program. Activities in the park will vary week to week and will focus on pruning and grooming plants, planting native plants, creating and maintaining restoration projects or maintaining historic trails.