April showers bring May flowers... and lots of wedding invitations!   If you're going to a wedding or having a wedding, or hope to someday have a wedding, then the articles below should be of help!   Also excited to share a clip below from recent appearance on Nancy Grace, shown on HLNTV owned by CNN.  The topic is tragic (drunk driving) but there is some interesting discussion about coping and potential ways to move forward.
If you've had an issue in your life and want to move forward, we are here for you!   You can schedule a free call or office visit, or you can ask quick questions on social media!   See the "Ask Dr Chloe" section below if you're interested in asking your questions online.  Also - current and former clients are invited to join the new support group I will be hosting!   See below for details.
7 Ways to Reduce Wedding Stress
Getting married is a BFD: You are fully aware of this fact. Your in-laws have reminded you of it. And your husband- or wife-to-be is likely facing the same after-effects of OMG, WE JUST GOT ENGAGED.
Then comes the planning.
As if the prospect of spending the rest of your life with someone weren't daunting enough, putting together a major event can be seriously stressful. And yet, it's supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Is there any way to keep this as exciting and fabulous as possible? Here are seven wedding stress management tips to help do the trick.
WeddingArticlesNot having a wedding, but would like to have one?
Tired of being in wedding parties that are never your own wedding? If you know you want a relationship that leads to marriage and you want to find it in the next year or two, it's time to rethink your dating strategy.   While many women are willing to wait decades to find their ideal match, others feel that finding a partner is one of their current life priorities. If that's you and you're ready to take deliberate action to increase your chances of making it happen, follow these three steps .

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Dr. Chloe's Latest Appearances
Dr. Chloe Carmichael on HLN Nancy Grace April 5, 2016 to Talk About Drunk Driving Case NancyGraceClip
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New! Support group hosted by Dr. Chloe!
This will be a general support group for any client who would like to practice giving or receiving support, or who just wants to experience extra support.  It will take place on a weekday evening at 6:30pm nearby Dr. Chloe's clinical office on 230 Park Avenue.  Clients who have seen Dr. Chloe and/or one of her associate therapists are welcome to inquire.  The group will include opportunities to: NewSupportGroups
  • Connect with others who have also made good use of Dr. Chloe's practice
  • Practice healthy communication with others
  • Practice being open/intimate
  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • See that you're not "the only one" who has problems with relationships and/or career anxiety
  • Check in on personal/therapy goals
  • Get social feedback from peers in a therapeutic environment
  • Practice giving and receiving support from others in a therapeutic environment
To request more information about the group, click here.
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