May: Exclusive Featured Video
With Dr. Fred Luskin

Click the video below to hear Dr. Fred Luskin discuss the importance of Empathy & Compassion - Both for yourself AND others.
May Challenge:

This month, we challenge you to see the positive intentions of others. There are two steps to this challenge. See if you can complete them both!

First, try seeing the positive intentions of people close to you.
Example: "My mom keeps calling me when I'm working. But I know it's because she cares about me and I am grateful for that."

Then, when you're ready to take it to the next level, try to find best intentions with people who have hurt you .
Example: "Our coworker quit on us last minute with no explanation, leaving us in a compromising position. They must really be struggling with something we don't know about. Maybe I should reach out to check on them ."

This exercise will:
  • decrease your stress, anxiety, and anger linked to the actions of others.
  • Shifts thinking from negative to positive
  • Increase both empathy and compassion - traits that are linked to living a happier life!

Remember- There is always an untold story that we may not know about!

What are you waiting for?
Start the challenge today.

Children, EQ & Mindfulness

"Kids Will be Kids"
Check out this article by Psychology Today that discusses an important perspective on sibling tensions. The resolution to 'let them be kids' may actually be doing more harm to your children than good, fostering rivalry and stress into adolescence.
What our clients are saying:
May Featured Testimonial
"Maximize Your Talent is a program that provides you with techniques that can be used personally and professionally to enhance the quality of your life. Staying focused in the face of competing emotions and goals, and sustaining optimal performance are the two most challenging things we confront as advisors. The program provides you with tools that can be used over and over again to stay on track. The time and effort were worth it and the techniques learned timeless."
Gloria M. Catinchi CHFC
Senior Financial Advisor
A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc
What We're Watching
Did you hear? Brené Brown, a psychologist whose work we reference often, just came out with her own documentary series on Netflix! We watched it and it was worth every minute.

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