April 2020
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6 Best Practices for Working From Home
1. Set and keep regular office hours.
Most people who work from home find they work too much rather than too little. Other remote workers struggle to keep a regular schedule -- working a few hours one day and pulling an all-nighter the next.
Some interruptions can’t be avoided. Client deadlines may unexpectedly require extra hours. Family obligations can interfere as well, especially if children are home during the day.

Do your best to set work hours and stick to them. Then try your best to leave work at the "office" and turn your phone on silent and enjoy the rest of your day. Give yourself some time to recharge so you can be as productive as possible.

2. Plan and structure your workday .

Structure your workday to maximize efficiency. Take advantage of your body’s natural rhythms and plan your work around your most productive hours.
If you know you focus best in the morning, resist the temptation to check email until 10 a.m. or later. A quick review of your calendar when you first start work can set you up for a productive workday.
Make a list of your most important tasks before you move on to less urgent business. If possible, shut your office door (if you have one) to signal to others that you’re working and don't wish to be disturbed.

3. Dress to impress (even if it’s just for your dog).

As enticing as it is to stay in pajamas all day, this is not the best work habit. The way you dress affects you psychologically.
Taking the time to shower, have breakfast, brush the teeth and dress can make someone feel more confident. Maintain a casual (not sloppy) work wardrobe to help you transition smoothly between home and office -- even if they’re in the same place.
4. Set aside a designated work area.

Consistency is an important aspect to working from home. Try to work at the same spot every day. It could be a spare bedroom that you’ve turned into a home office, a desk located in the corner of the living room or even the dining room table.

Make sure your workspace functions efficiently for you, your business and your style. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you happy including flowers, music and pictures. Make your workspace a place you enjoy going to each day, an area where you can focus and do your best work.

5. Take breaks.

Schedule time for frequent breaks throughout the day. Rise from your desk, stretch or walk around the house or down the street. Take a lunch break and enjoy a midday meal.

If you need a little socializing, go out to lunch with friends or clients. A major advantage to working from home is having flexibility. If fitness is important to you, a quick trip to the gym can reinvigorate you and make for a productive afternoon.

6. Avoid distractions.

One challenge of working from home is accountability. With no colleagues or partners nearby, it’s easy to become distracted. There are always errands to run and chores at home to do. Do your best to put off household tasks, like laundry and dishes, until you've gone "home" for the evening.
Stay focused on work throughout the day to maintain consistent productivity. Avoid online distractions as well. Limit the time spent on email, social media and websites unrelated to work.
Tips for Working From Home With a Toddler
Get Up Really Early: The best way to work when your toddler is around is by getting as much done as possible when they aren't. This means setting an alarm an hour or two before they are up for the day.

If you do your best thinking in the morning, tackle your largest projects sans distractions during this time. But if you're not a morning person, getting up early can still be useful.

Have a cup of coffee and use this time to organize yourself, respond to quick email requests, and plan out the rest of your workday.

Here is how our team is making it happen
Nyssa R Nelson, Commercial Sale Representative at Frailey Insurance and Financial Services

" I'm doing the best I can here. Being that Andrew is so little, I'm not letting anyone over like their Aunt who works at Amazon so I haven't had much help from anyone but my 19 year old son Daniel. Sarah knows something is up because we aren't leaving the house but thank God she's young enough to not remember it. I just juggle it the best I can and do most of my best work before they wake up and during afternoon naptime!"
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Local Takeout, Curbside, & Online Specials (COVID-19)

Official Pocono Chamber Resource Page which will list specials and promotions that local businesses are offering during COVID-19 social distancing.

If you would like for your business to be listed please email information over to eblose@poconochamber.org

Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau resource of happenings throughout the region including  restaurant options property closures  and  event  updates. We'll do our best to keep these pages as up-to-date as possible to serve as a resource for those in the region, but please note that these pages may not be fully inclusive.
Please call ahead to your destination for accurate information.

A Message from Nationwide, Chief Customer Officer, Amy Shore about the Coronavirus

Our valued customers:
These are certainly unprecedented times. No one could have ever imagined in an age where people are more connected than ever before, we would be practicing social distancing and isolation. Not only can it seem unsettling in the here and now, the market volatility can make the future seem even more uncertain. 
At Nationwide, we believe we have a tremendous opportunity – and responsibility – to deliver our on your side commitment.

We have been preparing for several weeks to take action on the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the dramatic shifts in the market.
  • In support of the need to flatten the Coronavirus curve, we are implementing a progressive work-from-home policy for most of our associates. We are well-equipped technologically and operationally, and have taken steps to ensure our ability to serve you with minimal disruption.
  • We do anticipate higher call volume, especially during this extreme market volatility, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. There are additional ways for you to connect with Nationwide, if needed:
  • Contact Nationwide directly by email or phone at 877-ON YOUR SIDE
  • Log in to your account online to make changes, to contributions, investments, update your investment strategy, and more.
  • Schedule a call with your financial professional or agent.
  • We are currently reviewing hardship requests based on individual circumstances. We will continue to monitor regulators like the Departments of Insurance (DOI) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for updates that may provide additional options to assist those who have been impacted by recent events related to the coronavirus.
  • We will continue to process claims in a way that keeps both our customers and associates safe. For specific questions, please contact your claims representative.
You have the strength and stability of Nationwide “on your side.” We have a 100-year history of disciplined investing and prudent decision-making, and have navigated significant market challenges before. Our consistently high ratings, diversified quality investments and risk management practices ensure we have the capital and liquidity to fulfill our financial obligations and keep the commitments we make now and in the future.
There seems to be no shortage of information readily available, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through it all. Here are short-cuts to a few helpful resources:
Our mission “to protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care” is not just words on a page. Nationwiders all over the country are rallying around this purpose as we find new ways to keep our commitments to you and the community around us. If we have any updates, you’ll be among the first to know.
Thank you for your trust in Nationwide.

EVP, Chief Customer Officer
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