April showers bring
a few concerns...
Plants need moisture to survive and as we come out of another Chicagoland winter it’s important to understand the benefits and concerns of our typical spring showers. We are fortunate to live in a region where our soils are mostly rich dark topsoil that provides beneficial structure and nutrients for plants to thrive.
Although soil may seem rather solid, spaces exist between soil particles. These spaces hold vital air and water necessary for the plant roots system. Root survival is dependent upon absorbing oxygen from these air spaces in the soil. Spring rains fill the spaces in the soil with water, and the air is displaced. Gravity pulls on the water and it moves downward allowing the air to move back into the spaces. Too much water/rain saturates the soil which deprives the roots from the oxygen they need. Over time this will stop roots from functioning properly, make them susceptible to root rot infections and eventually lead to their death.
Our best defense against this situation is to make sure our landscape plants are growing in well-drained situations. This includes trees, shrubs, perennials and seasonal bedding plants. Soil preparation prior to installation is sometimes taken for granted or completely overlooked leading to certain plant decline and even failure. Automatic irrigation systems are great for plant performance until they provide too much water leading to these conditions.

Poorly drained soils, compaction and topographic problems can be repaired or resolved with; drainage systems, regrading of the soil, air spading around trees, mechanical aeration, composting, tilling, and proper soil preparation. Irrigation systems must be properly programmed to supplement water needs only as prescribed. These remedies are available and can be recommended based upon your current property conditions. Call us today to review your landscape environment.
YouTube: Root Crown Excavation With Air Spade

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If you have ever tasted a prepared Morel mushroom you know that it is a delicacy worth trying. Even people that don’t like mushrooms, fall in love with Morels. What adds to the intrigue and mystery with Morels is the difficulty in finding them, their exotic appearance and their price tag.

We are nearing the spring indicators in nature that identify the perfect time-frame to search for this fascinating fungus. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to Morel Mushroom searching in Illinois. The internet is full of information to help you begin a new Morel spring ritual activity to enjoy with friends and family.


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