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Greetings! :

Hello friends & family of Cornerstone. I just thought that I would check in with everyone to see how everyone is holding up during our new way of life called "Self-isolation"? It's been three weeks now since we temporarily closed the store to the public, but with so many things to do in conjunction with that, the time has flown by. I have spoken with other businesses in downtown Kingston, and we are all trying to figure out what we have to do for our businesses and employees as the government programs roll out. There is a lot of paperwork!!!! But we will all get through this and re-open sooner than later. (I like to remain positive!) In the mean time, there are orders to make for when we do re-open and plans for our future events (We have to make up for all the fun we missed not having the Golden Egg Scavenger hunt!).

You know how we've said a few times now that we are going to have an on-line store and it hasn't happened?....Well this is the perfect time to get on that project! In fact, the whole website will be undergoing a change to accommodate our being on-line! The first thing we will be able to sell will be gift cards! As we get familiar with how this on-line business all works we will then add more items to sell. There will be kinks in the system for sure that will need to be worked out, but we have the best customers, who are always patient with us, so I am sure that we can do this together.

If you know anything about me I am a collector of art supplies. You name it and I probably have it! Collecting and using them however,(or so I have heard) are 2 different hobbies LOL. Well let me just say I have dusted a lot of those items off and am now spending some very gratifying time making art. I have been following a couple of ladies, (Jane Davenport and Tamara Laporte), both who do mixed media focusing on whimsical ladies! My drawing and painting skills are limited... I'm a beginner (go figure) but I am having a blast learning and making a mess! There is also that stack of books beside my bed and my own book that I am writing, that are keeping me busy.....But I would be interested in hearing and seeing what you have all been up to! If you have been crafting or doing some kind of art or other creative endeavour, please feel free to post what you have created on our FB page. We would love to see how you have been keeping busy.

In the mean time, please continue to follow us on Instagram, FB & Pinterest to keep up on the latest news from us. Share our newsletters so others can sign up,and share our social media posts too. Hang in there with us and let's be there for each other. We will be checking phone messages and email messages, and social media inquiries periodically. Please be patient for us to respond.

We thank in advance, all of the front line workers who are risking their lives to keep us healthy and stocked. From the medical profession, to checkout people, to truck drivers to the people who stock the shelves and more - they all deserve our gratitude and our patience. Remember to social distance when you are out and about getting groceries and accessing essential services and remain home the rest of the time. Be positive, hopeful and helpful and we will see you on the other side of this moment in time, living our lives in a new, healthier and happier way.

From our heart to yours,
Penny & the staff at Cornerstone
ZIA piece
Here is a sample of one of my beginner pieces of whimsical faces! The prompt for April from Jane Davenport is Alice in Wonderland ... This prompt is "Many Locked Doors". (Here is the FB link to her mixed media page)
Don't be afraid to try or post! It's encouragement for others....
Some art & crafting funnies......
A little something from Tourism Kingston to give us all hope.
Thank you
Featured Local Artist - No One :(
For the first time since Lisa created the Local Featured Artist Wall a few years back, we are not featuring anyone for April. We had a wonderful artist lined up and she agreed to be moved to a later date (Thank you). Hopefully we will be re-opened for MAY and I can reveal our new featured artist in our May newsletter. In the mean time I'll leave you with our last featured artist, David Dossett from Martello Alley & Martello On Brock. If you are interested in any of his pieces please contact him directly at one of his stores here in Kingston and he will help you with the purchase!

Zentangle Classes
Zentangle is a meditative art form that uses a series of repetitive patterns to create unique pieces of art that may be completed within 20 -30 minutes. Zentangle can be taught to children (7 & up), adults and the elderly to help create focus, relaxation and the sheer joy of creating even if you "can't draw!"

I am a certified Zentangle teacher and I will be happy to teach you this art form. While we won't be scheduling classes at the moment, we will most certainly be doing that again in the future!

(BTW... Those coloring books that you see? A lot of those are based on Zentangle! Wouldn't it be great to create your own pages to colour?)

If you want to join our FB group please click the link below . We welcome beginners too!
Every Tuesday is Tangle Tuesday where I post a new tangle I have done or new ideas for tangling. Group members are encouraged to post their tangles too but this is not required. This month we are doing a tangle a day challenge. The list is posted in the group so join up and try it out!!!

We have just started the group so that we can get together. People who like Zentangle here in Kingston please Join, Post & Share. We are working with coming up with a schedule where we can meet monthly at a the store to tangle and share ideas. We are open to ideas and just looking for a fun, relaxing way to hang out and do some Zentangle. It's a great stress reliever for times like this and time passes by quickly!
Sky, Land & Water - Class with Marissa Sweet
We have unfortunately had to cancel the class that was scheduled for May 23. Although I am sad :( ...

Marissa has graciously offered a new date!!!!
(We love you Marissa!)
Sunday October 4, from 10 AM -5 PM.

Here is the very talented, award-winning and lovely, Marissa Sweet. Now we can add television star to her growing list of accolades! We are excited that she is coming to our "Little Shop On The Corner" to teach another class with a new piece. This step-by-step class will have Marissa revealing some of her amazing painting techniques. I love the new piece (see below). It reminds me of spending time with my BFF Laurie at her parents home on Lake McKellar in Parry Sound...... ahhhhh those were the days! Spaces are limited to just 8 and one is already taken... Yes I am taking this class!!!! Join me for this fun day. Call the store at 613-546-7967 to register. Registration fee is $155.00 and includes lunch from a local restaurant. ( Soon you will be able to register on line too)

Here is the class description & materials list!

Sky, land and Water
By: Marissa Sweet SCA
Description: Learn to portray sky, land and water by using bold colours and loose impressionist strokes. Students will learn by following step-by-step on how to create a captivating landscape. Instructions will be based on Marissa’s techniques of painting, but with freedom to move and develop your own style.
Supply list:
1 - canvas or gesso’d wooden board 16” x 20” or 16” x 16”
Paint Supplies :
Colours : Acrylic paint in heavy body
- Red : Alizarin Crimson
- Ultramarine Blue
- Yellow: Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Naples Yellow
- Titanium White
- Burnt Sienna
1 – jar Golden Regular Gel, small bottle - retarder
1- Palette Knife – Medium and small sizes
Brushes, ½” 1” in flat or filbert,
Important supplies: Palette paper, paper towel, Water container
Notebook for notes
• Option: easel
Option: Students can use (below) for a small charge of $35 to be paid directly to the instructor:
1) paint colours
2) brushes
3) acrylic Gel and Retarder  
A Taste of What's In Store..... To Keep You Motivated & Thinking Happy Thoughts!
What's coming.... A sneak Peak at the spring hats.....
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