April | 2020
Skookum On the Frontlines
During these very trying times, with COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s minds, Skookum is once again, stepping up to the plate to keep our people and customers as safe as possible. While most of the nation is under “stay at home” orders, our janitorial staff is considered “essential” and continue to come to work and do their regular jobs as well as provide additional services to our customer. Skookum has set up CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) teams to go into areas that are known to be contaminated with COVID 19, to disinfect and decontaminate and make them safe to go back in to. While areas are being evacuated, due to contamination, our CIRT Teams are gearing up with Tyvek suits, respirators and backpack sprayers and going into those buildings to spray with products known to kill the virus.

Last week our team was called to go into one of the BEQ’s at Naval Station Everett, due to a confirmed case of COVID. As the BEQ is being evacuated of the sailors, our team was heading in to do the required decontamination procedures. Our team on this day consisted of Sherrel K. Silva, Robert Reinke, Josh Germain and Hudson Graf . Everyone came into the situation with a great attitude and professional work ethic and proceeded to get the job done without incident or exposure to our employees. We will continue to go wherever we are needed to provide great service to our customers in extreme circumstances.
Skookum Makes Masks

In addition to extra cleaning being done by our hardworking crews, we also have several employees from our PSNS and Bangor janitorial contracts who have been working hard at the Home Office to cut, sew, and assemble masks for employees. They’ve brought out their sewing machines, while maintaining social distance, and gotten to work making colorful and fun, but also safe and effective masks for employees still working. Thanks so much to everyone involved, your efforts are so greatly appreciated! And thanks to our entire Skookum team that continually puts the needs of our customers first.
Excellence at Skookum Aerospace Manufacturing
Boeing Commercial Airplanes has a newly created  Preferred Bidders Program.  Skookum Aerospace was selected to be part of this program based on our performance of 99.98% Quality of aircraft parts delivered and 99.98% on-time Delivery. Only 49 Boeing Suppliers were selected in North America.

AS9100 Rev (D) is the Aerospace Standard that establishes the requirements for Quality Management Systems that all Commercial and Defense & Space Companies need to be certified to. This certification gives us the authority to produce Commercial and Defense & Space parts and assemblies. The AS9100 Audit takes between three and five days depending on whether it is an annual audit (3 days) or a full-blown re-certification audit (5 days) which happens every three years. This is a very in-depth audit of all of the components of a Quality Management System.

This year we had an annual three-day audit. We did well in that we received “no findings” and had a lot of great compliments from our auditor as he has been here three years in a row and has seen the positive changes that our team has made. Our team has done an incredible job to bring Skookum Aerospace up to the level we are at and we have plans to do even better in the future.
Bernadine Moyler , Material Coordinator, JBLE, VA
Nominated By: Pearl Williams

Ms. Moyler provides exceptional service to the Property Book Office on a daily basis. Without her help, it would have made the transition from our outgoing PBO to myself very difficult. Ms. Moyler’s can-do attitude is so refreshing. The first time I sat down with her for a Change of Command In-Brief, I knew we would learn so much from each other. The previous PBO held the position for a while and when I came onboard, I wanted to make some minor changes here and there. While some people were very reluctant and gave pushback, Ms. Moyler was not only supportive but when they send me something, I know it will be right because of her. Her attention to detail keeps me straight when I am moving too fast and forget to initial something prior to it going out to the customer or being filed. One of our customers went from having five SLOCs on the Installation to 55 SLOCs on ten different installations and you would never tell from the way she has the operation running so smoothly. There have been a couple of personnel changes and somehow she manages to have them all trained, make sure the warehouse personnel in Property Book are taken care of and still never misses a beat. But one of things I really appreciate about Ms. Moyler's work ethic is that she is the same no matter who the customer is. She treats everyone with dignity and respect. One time I lined through a DA 3161 when I was laterally transferred some computers and she made sure I corrected it before she would post it. To some that might have been a problem, but to me it let me know that she took what she is doing seriously and no matter who you are, you are going to do it to the standard and I appreciate that. Everyone on the Supply Team appreciates all of the hard work Ms. Moyler does.

Joshua Howe , Supply Technician, JBLE, VA
Nominated By: Pearl Williams

While I appreciate the entire Skookum CIF Team, Mr. Howe has provided us exceptional support. We have been very busy since returning from the New Year break and Mr. Howe has stepped up time and time again. As the government oversight I have been extremely appreciative, however the customers have showered Mr. Howe with praises constantly. When there have been troops getting ready to deploy, Mr. Howe has ensured that the process is as seamless as can be. One day I told him "Thank you, because without the work you do we could not provide this level of support to the Warfighter," and his reply was, his job was easy compared to what they were about to deal with and not only did I appreciate it, a MAJ overheard him and appreciated his work ethic and support as well. We just had a couple big issues to the JECC Annex, mostly were officers O4 and above and they loved how he set the issue up. His attention to detail and scheduling has been amazing during our busy period. The entire supply team appreciates everything he does, not just on the supply side but the safety side and everything else he contributes to.

Rohan Mitchell, Stock Clerk Lead, Fort Hood, TX
Nominated By: Gus Johns

Rohan Mitchell's commitment to his job is something you wish you could see in every person you work with. Although he feels that he is just doing his job, it is a representation of excellence and commitment. He has exceptional vision when it comes to processes and procedures, and is able to quickly solve problems. When faced with a problem, he never sacrifices safety nor quality.


Tyson Session, Vocational Specialist/ Security Specialist, Home Office
Nominated By: Ashley Mattoon

Tyson truly loves working for Skookum and he is very passionate about his work. He never hesitates to
assist our customers, employees and co-workers with a smile on his face. It doesn’t matter if he is in the middle of something or trying to get his work done, he will drop everything if you need help or even just an ear to listen.
While on a trip to White Sands Missile Range I watched as Tyson met with employees from the minute we walked in the door until the minute we left. The employees were constantly telling me that Tyson was awesome and told me how much they loved him. Employees are always eager to have a chance to meet with him. Many of our other sites have mentioned positive things about him as well and how they love when he gets to visit them. If I think about Skookum and its core values, I immediately see Tyson. I see his Commitment to the employees, the Integrity and Quality in his work and his continued Partnership with his CFT, Vocational and Security teams. He is a true asset to Skookum. Thanks for all you do Tyson!
We love recognizing our employees! So much so that every week an employee wins the Skookum President’s Excellence Award! Each Excellence Award recipient is selected by our President/CEO and awarded a Skookum Excellence pin along with $100 check prize.

*Available to WA employees only
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