Wishbone, Funnybone, Backbone

Jackie Ulmer, business consultant and social media expert sent this to her group. Simple, fun and poignant!  “Life is best consumed as an analogy, in my opinion. Recently, on Clubhouse I heard this analogy about life and business.                                                                                                                                                        
We should all have a 'Wishbone'. That’s essentially our bucket list. Write it down, develop it and be intentional with it.                                 
To best navigate life, it’s important that we also have a 'Funnybone', and that’s to remember to keep a sense of humor about the good and the bad that life deals us.  

How will you stay grounded and centered when life hits those rough patches? Prepare now to accept that these will come, and you CAN handle them.                                                                                           
Then, decide who you will and MUST become to pursue all that you want. Decide what you stand for; will work for; and what matters. Finally, commit! YES, commit!” 

Thank you, Jackie Ulmer for this thought-provoking analogy. 

Speaking of developing a Backbone. . . the backbone, a column of small linked bones down the middle of the back, reminds us of the importance of being connected. There is much we have learned this past year, including the importance of being linked to one another. Being connected, staying in touch, and when someone has your ‘back’ you can get through just about anything. Having a backbone has been associated with being courageous. Afterall, when one is connected and has a team of family, friends, co-workers and like-minded people on their side, it’s easier to be courageous. 

Developing a strong backbone includes being open to new ideas, remaining informed, standing for your values, staying firm in faith and being just a bit spunky! 
Get spunky and stay spunky…. have some fun and enjoy the gift of being alive.  Have your Wishbone. Depend on your Funnybone. And strengthen your Backbone physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Keep the faith. 

Wishing you a beautiful Spring!


Important announcement. Please read.

We are grateful for your continued patronage and referrals…. Thank you so very much. 

I am booked solid 3 weeks out. Please schedule early for your appointments and please know that when you cancel, it’s challenging to get you back in my schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are doing our best, considering we are still social distancing as much as possible. 
Samantha is now taking clients on Mondays and some Tuesdays and every other Saturday. She is ready to take on her new position as stylist. She is very good. 
Beginning April I will be working my long awaited 40-hour, 4-days a week schedule. Thank you for your patience and for your amazing loyalty to Pluma Designs. I am not going anywhere; I need time to regenerate and enjoy my 70’s. I am here for you and so is Samantha.  

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Yes, We Wax!

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We are halfway to our goal raising funds to begin the process of scholarships. The gift that keeps on giving. My deep and sincere appreciation for the beauty GateWay Community College has an amazing cosmetology program where those attending also acquire college credits. Please help me help those who know the beauty industry is a promising career for their life success. 

Thank you for your donation:
Dr. Hilda Villaverde Hairstylist Scholarship Endowment: or by check payable to Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. Mail to: GateWay Community College, 108 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034

Pluma Book Club

Novel: The Midnight Library
Matt Haig 

Personal Development: Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon, Practical Strategies for Peak Health and Performances
Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD 
QUOTE of the Month
“Laughter can keep you healthy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Research has found both short and long-term benefits: Laughter can increase oxygen to the heart, lungs and muscles, increase the endorphins that are released by your brain, improve your mood and reduce physical pain.”                                     -
Molly Kavanaugh   
"Don’t get bitter and brittle, get better and grow a backbone.”    - Author Unknown 
We continue to be thankful for all of your referrals to our salon. Thank you for entrusting your friends and family members and those who stop you and ask about your hair…. even while wearing your mask. 

Pluma Mission Statement
At Pluma we create lasting beautiful days in every client’s life through healthy, gorgeous hair. We Anticipate - Listen – Connect and Deliver Results.