April 2020
“Peer to Pier” Construction: Building the New Scorpion Pier on Santa Cruz Island
T wenty-five miles off the coast of California, a new inhabitant has joined the native population of bald eagles and island foxes on Santa Cruz Island. D.J. Scheffler & Nye  personnel have brought their technical expertise and equipment to help in the construction of the new permanent 300-foot-long Scorpion Pier.

For the next six to nine months, the crew will be working with their peers from Jilk Heavy Construction. This peer to peer approach allows D.J. Scheffler & Nye to share their equipment and deep foundation drilling knowledge to help build a more efficient access point for National Park visitors for years to come.
Ductile Iron Piles Provide Low-vibration Solutions for Project Sites with Height Restrictions and Adjacent Structures

Ductile Iron Piles by DuroTerra  provide low vibration solutions for projects challenged with height restrictions, tight access or adjacent structures. The system uses a single excavator-mounted, medium-sized percussion hammer to drive the pile using high-frequency percussion energy. The high frequency driving energy produces low vibrations, allowing the system to work effectively inside or adjacent to existing structures. The modular nature of the material and small equipment size enables the system to work in low headroom (20 ft) conditions. With rapid installations rates of 400 to more than 1,000 linear feet per crew day, the system is becoming a preferred solution for challenging constrained sites in urban areas, industrial and manufacturing settings or commercial buildings.
Penn Drill Introduces the Rupe Pump to the Product Offering
Penn Drill Manufacturing has added to its family of grouting products : the Original Rupe Pump . The Rupe name is renowned in our industry for quality and reliability. Penn Drill Manufacturing carries on that tradition. The pump is available at pressures of 500 or 1500 psi capable of pushing up to 20 gallons per minute. The pump is a double-action piston design providing continuous positive flow. The grout pump is equipped with JIC fittings on the hydraulic lines and NPT on the transfer lines for ease of connection.
PJ’s Opens Ten Acre Facility in Turlock, California
PJ’s now has a second location! PJ’s Turlock has been designed for preassembly of your rebar cages, and for efficient fabrication and tying. Having ten acres now allows us to build and store (if need be) your cages so you are never behind on your drilling schedule. We send our preassembled cages to the 25 Western States ready to be installed, saving you time and money! 
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