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April 2021
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Every Tuesday  |  Ages 18+
FREE in April in honor of Earth Day!

Live on Zoom, the Good Natured Hour each week takes a closer look at timely nature topics, supplementing them with photos and video footage. 

Recommended by:
Pam Otto
Outreach Ambassador

Why I chose this program: 
I've been writing the Good Natured newspaper column for well over 10 years now, and each week find that there is soooo much more news I'd like to share, but it's either not a big enough topic for an entire column, or it's too time sensitive to share via print media. That, plus covid, led to the development of this fun, fast-paced virtual event. If you're into local nature and want to know what's happening, when it's happening, this is the program for you.
Monday, April 5-May 24  |  Ages 16+

Put on your dancing shoes! Develop the skills needed to feel confident on the dance floor whether you're getting ready for a wedding or work function. Review introductory patterns of the most popular dances: Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing and Hip Hop.  

Recommended by:
Sabrina Hunley
RVMG and Haines Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
This is a great program with an even better instructor! Andy Fuzak leads this class so well and makes you feel very comfortable in your shoes. It can be great exercise while you are gaining skills that you can use at your next party. It also can be a nice time to get away with your partner and enjoy a date night.
Monday, April 5-May 24   |  Ages 11-17

Teens in need of de-stressing, strengthening and stretching this class is for you! A variety of postures and styles will keep teens actively engaged and challenged all while learning valuable mindfulness and relaxation tools. Students participate in pose sequences and breathing techniques to energize their bodies and calm their minds, enabling a strong sense of self and emotional and physical wellness.

Recommended by:
Lara Piner
Community Center Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
We are excited to offer this new yoga class specifically for teens. Yoga is a great way to strengthen emotional and physical wellness.
Tuesday, April 6-27  |  Ages 5-10

Get outside for the fresh air, the joy of exploration and the need to move at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center!. Spend the afternoon on the trails as nature provides the entertainment. Enjoy hikes, games and crafts. Closed-toe shoes required. Masks required when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Dress to be outside

Recommended by:
Laura McCoy
Nature Education
Program Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
You don't have to wait until summer for nature camp fun. This program is just the right fit as spring weather welcomes us outside.
Wednesday, April 7-May 26  |  Ages 4-6

This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Advance registration required. For more info call Norris Rec Center at 630-377-1405.  

Recommended by:
Ande Masoncup
Asst. Superintendent of Recreation, Norris Rec Center

Why I chose this program: 
This is an exciting new program that we are adding to Norris Recreation Center.  Children will learn the benefits of yoga in a fun and engaging environment. 
Friday, April 9-May 28  |  Ages 50+

Mat Pilates uses non-impact exercises to balance your body and mind. Each exercise emphasizes breath, core conditioning and body awareness. Learn techniques to help elongate your muscles, improve flexibility and strengthen core muscle groups.

Recommended by:
Lynne Yuill
Adult Activity Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
I am always looking for new program opportunities for the 50+ population in our community. Exercise is important for our minds and bodies no matter what age we are. Pilates is a great way to improve posture,  focus on body alignment and work your core muscles.  If you have never tried a Pilates class before, now is your chance. Grab your yoga mat and try this new Pilates class at Pottawatomie Community Center!
Saturday, April 10  |  Ages 6-11
Battle it out with NERF! A playing area will be transformed into a battleground of fun. Participants must provide their own NERF guns and protective eyewear; darts will be provided. Remember to label your belongings. Compete in a variety of games including Capture the Flag, Team Elimination, and Free-for-All.

Recommended by:
Alex Weidner
Aquatics and Youth Programs Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
This is such a fun event for participants as they use their Nerf items in a safe place! Participants will warm up with drills and activities and end with a group battle. It's a great way to burn some energy and give parents a couple free hours!
Saturday, April 10-24  |  Ages 3-5

Come out to Sportsplex for an introduction to soccer through the framework of the official Liverpool FC IA. The primary goal is to develop fundamental skills and confidence that will allow players to be more skillful with a ball and enjoy the game from an early age. All of the Liverpool FC IA staff have a pure love for the game and will pass on their knowledge as a player and experience as a coach to better develop your child.

Recommended by:
Cayla Greenfield
Sportsplex Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
This program is a great way to introduce the game of soccer to your child with the emphasis to develop the fundamental skills and confidence that will stay with them on their soccer journey!

Spikeball is a team sport you must try! Using a small trampoline-like object with string netting and a small ball (usually yellow) with a 12-inch circumference, players will learn game techniques and scoring. This game is constantly moving so be ready to break a sweat! All levels of experience welcome.

Recommended by:
TC Hull
Tournament Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
This class is my pick of the month because of how easy this game is to pick up and play anywhere! Whether you are in the park, at the beach, in a gym, or even in your front yard there are no limits to this awesome activity. Be ready for some fun competition and working with a partner to see if you can get to 21 points first!
Saturday, April 24  |  Ages 5-12

Calling all princesses! Dress up and join our Dance Instructors for games, stories, crafts, music, movement, and a dance with your family member at the end of the ball!

Recommended by:
Rosie Edwards
Dance Academy Supervisor

Why I chose this program: 
The princess ball is a perfect opportunity put on your favorite princess dress and dance the night away!
Participants will dance, make crafts and at the end of the night have the opportunity to dance with a family member.
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