April 2020
Hi Everybody,

First and foremost,
No doubts, because nothing lasts forever...
We've been shaken to awaken, and what we do next is important.

Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been to stand up taller than you ever were.
- Unknown
Crises and adversities also bring great opportunities.
They force us to go deeper, and be more present, and listen...

A Letter from the Virus …
(An Imagined Letter from Covid-19 to Humans)

"Stop. Just stop.
It is no longer a request. It is a mandate.
We will help you.
We will bring the supersonic, high speed merry-go-round to a halt
We will stop
the planes, the trains, the schools, the malls, the meetings
the frenetic, furied rush of illusions and “obligations” that keep you from hearing our
single and shared beating heart,
the way we breathe together, in unison.
Our obligation is to each other,
As it has always been, even if, even though, you have forgotten.
We will interrupt this broadcast, the endless cacophonous broadcast of divisions and distractions,
to bring you this long-breaking news:
We are not well.
None of us; all of us are suffering.
Last year, the firestorms that scorched the lungs of the earth
did not give you pause.
Nor the typhoons in Africa, China, Japan.
Nor the fevered climates in Japan and India.
You have not been listening.
It is hard to listen when you are so busy all the time, hustling to uphold the comforts and conveniences that scaffold your lives.
But the foundation is giving way,
buckling under the weight of your needs and desires.
We will help you.
We will bring the firestorms to your body
We will bring the fever to your body
We will bring the burning, searing, and flooding to your lungs
that you might hear:
We are not well.
Despite what you might think or feel, we are not the enemy.
We are Messenger. We are Ally. We are a balancing force.
We are asking you:
To stop, to be still, to listen;
To move beyond your individual concerns and consider the concerns of all;
To be with your ignorance, to find your humility, to relinquish your thinking minds and travel deep into the mind of the heart;
To look up into the sky, streaked with fewer planes, and see it, to notice its condition: clear, smoky, smoggy, rainy? How much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy?
To look at a tree, and see it, to notice its condition: how does its health contribute to the health of the sky, to the air you need to be healthy?
To visit a river, and see it, to notice its condition: clear, clean, murky, polluted? How much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy? How does its health contribute to the health of the tree, who contributes to the health of the sky, so that you may also be healthy?
Many are afraid now.
Do not demonize your fear, and also, do not let it rule you. Instead, let it speak to you—in your stillness,
listen for its wisdom.
What might it be telling you about what is at work, at issue, at risk, beyond the threats of personal inconvenience and illness?
As the health of a tree, a river, the sky tells you about quality of your own health, what might the quality of your health tell you about the health of the rivers, the trees, the sky, and all of us who share this planet with you?
Notice if you are resisting.
Notice what you are resisting.
Ask why.
Stop. Just stop.
Be still.
Ask us what we might teach you about illness and healing, about what might be required so that all may be well.
We will help you, if you listen."

by Kristin Flyntz

With LOVE,
Dr. Tatiana

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NET of LIGHT Gathering and Meditation
(Every third Thursday of the month)
This month it will be Online Gathering!

April 16 | 7 pm

From "Our Love is Our Power" , by Sharon McErlane :
"The time of Earth changes, foretold by ancient teachings is upon us. At such moments in history, the Divine comes to Earth to intervene. This time has been referred in many cultures as the time when God the Mother will return to earth. An aspect of the Divine Feminine (energy of Yin ) has come to Earth in the form of the Great Council of Grandmothers . Their mission (and ours) is to restore the Feminine Principle of energy back to our beloved planet, which at this time suffers from a depletion of the energy of yin and an over supply of the energy of yang. "It is time to return to balance, and for this women must lead. Women must take the first step. It can be no other way." The Grandmothers ask us to participate during this time by casting the Net of Light . The Net of Light is lit by the hearts of those who hold it, lit by the sacred places on earth, by the saints, sages and avatars who have come to uphold our planet at this time and by all those who love life and gladly serve."
"The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady during the times of change." - they say.
Who are the Grandmothers? watch HERE
What is the Net of Light? watch HERE
And new development in Grandmothers work:
A Message from the TREES. watch HERE

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In the first video, Eckhart Tolle answers how we manage any fearful thoughts we might have about losing our job, money, getting sick, or the fear of something happening to a loved one. He also shows us how we can turn our attention away from any fearful thinking and focus on the inner body and deepening into the present moment.( 14 min)

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"We don't need to "save the planet". We need to save the planet from ourselves. We are destroying the necessary conditions for human life to continue existing on earth. Earth will outlive us. We have a choice.
Created by Darinka Montico Voice: Giulia Chianese Inspired by
"An Imagined Letter from Covid-19 to Humans" by K. Flyntz.

Watch the video HERE

Much Love to All!

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