Volume 71 - No. 4 | April 2019
Message from Pastor Valeria
When you read this we will be more than halfway through Lent. Hang in there, all you who are fasting or gave something up! And also, you who took on a spiritual practice to incorporate Jesus in your daily lives.
They say it takes three weeks to form a habit. So if this Lent you've prayed more, read more, given more, spent more time alone or journaling or reaching out to friends and family members: maybe it's become a habit by now that you can keep even when Lent is over. 
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has shared their Lenten experience with us during worship. What a source of inspiration it has been! 

Our theme this year is "reconciliation." Have you had a chance to reconcile with painful parts of your past? With another person? With God? If you have found that reconciliation with another person is not possible, have you tried letting them go and praying for them? It's the people that give us the hardest time that need our prayers the most. They are also the hardest to pray for. But when we do, something inside of us shifts. With the help of God's Spirit our resentment and anger turns into compassion. Our pain turns into soil for new growth. 
As we walk these last few weeks of Lent together, allow yourself to let go of any negative energy that you are holding onto. That's what the cross stands for: the end of anger, pain, and ultimately, the end of death. Because of the cross, there is new life. There is forgiveness, there is joy, there is reconciliation and healing. 
May the God of peace bless you with open minds and open hearts and free you for the joy that God wants to give us!

Pastor Valeria.

Visit and follow Pastor Valeria's blog: https://pastorvaleriatrinitychurch.blogspot.com/
April 7 : "Reconciliation with Friends," with Communion

April 14 : Palm Sunday. "Jesus Reconciles the World."

Friday, April 19 : Good Friday. "The 7 Last Words at 7."

April 21 : Easter Sunrise Service at 5:45 a.m. at Tougas Family Farm
Easter Celebration Service, "Reconciled with God," at 10 a.m.

April 28 :  Earth Day and Baptism with our worship band.
During these 40 days, let me put away all my pride. Let me change my heart and give up all that is not good within me. Let me love God with all that I am and all that I have.” – Genesis Grain   
Good Friday, April 19: The 7 Last Words at 7
A service of reflection based on the 7 last sentences Jesus spoke on the cross before he died: words of agony and fear, but also of love and forgiveness. Adults and youth will share what these words mean to them. 

Easter Sunrise Service, April 21
Experience the Son rise with us on April 21 at 5:45 a.m. at Tougas Family Farm, 234 Ball Street. Please dress warmly!

Easter Celebration Service, April 21
Worship with us to celebrate the new life we find in Jesus at 10 a.m. with a service for all ages.
I’ve long loved the seasons of preparation in the life of the Church. As a child, I learned about the tradition of giving up something for Lent and identifying with Jesus’ suffering. As an adult, I came across the idea of adding a spiritual practice during Lent. Some years I purchased a Lenten Devotional and read a page each day. A few years ago I got a book that was a 40-day examination of the relationship between living with depression and living a life of faith. It included questions for reflection each day, so I ended up with a long journal about my experience.
Below is a list of suggestions to help you come up with ideas, but you are welcome to try whatever spiritual practice appeals to you.
Sign up for a daily devotional:
Follow Jay Sidebotham’s “Journey Through Lent” Calendar (See Julia on Sunday). 
Lenten Buddy- meet with another church member weekly to discuss a scripture passage (we have some suggestions that will be in the bulletin).
Get in contact with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Perhaps one person each week of Lent. Or pray for someone each week.

Giving more: to Trinity, to the food pantry, or other organizations of your choice. 

Habitat for Humanity: During Lent, a wonderful way to give back is to help local families here in our communities who are in need of a safe and affordable home. https://files.constantcontact.com/3691ca79201/b5b82f94-0b5b-4d21-b366-9ba9574cd429.pdf
Don’t worry if you “fail,” because Lent offers forgiveness and a chance to try again. Perhaps the practice during Lent will become a part of your daily routine throughout the year.
~Julia and the Trinity Worship Team
The Friendly Visits Team of Pastoral Care launched a new project on March 10th . Called HEARTFELT, it is a box in which members of the congregation are encouraged to write a note to someone known to the Team, the Pastor, or others in church who is currently going through a rough time and needs our prayers, etc. Writing materials and other items to send along with our notes will be available during coffee hour for anyone who would like to send a message of hope, inspirational verse, or prayer. The box will be passed on to the designated recipient by a member of the Team or their relative/friend to let them know we are thinking of them, keeping them in prayer and that they are not alone. – Your Friendly Visits Team
Did you know that your shoes could help Trinity Church? Well, they can and here’s how… Our church is participating in a fundraiser where there is nothing to buy or sell; all we need is your support and your shoes!

We are looking for caring community members to help support us by dropping off shoes of any kind in any condition (including sandals, flip flops, etc.), barely worn to worn OUT!

We even earn money for shoes that cannot be reworn,
but can be recycled for other uses.

Here’s how you do it: Start in your family’s closets and gather pairs of shoes that you’ve out-grown, are out of style, or out of season. Please ask your neighbors and/or co-workers too. Every pair counts! The shoes that we all collect will help support Trinity Church's ministry as well as individuals in developing nations like Ghana, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. Can we count on you? Every pair helps us make a difference!

We are also looking for people who can take a "gotsneakers?" fundraising box to their workplace, school or community center.

Please contact Donna Miller for your a box and/or more information: dmm4863@gmail.com

Check out the new Open and Affirming bulletin board! A big thank you to Lynn Garry, Pat Faldetta, and Monica Osborn for their creativity.
We are still gearing up for the renovation.  We’ve been getting second and third quotes from plumbers and electricians and we’re hoping to start the actual work in May. The start date will depend on when we can get all of the contractors to commit to starting the project.

We’ll keep you up to date as the project progresses, especially as we get close to construction time.

Your kitchen team,

Tom Danforth | Mary Kemp | Martha Michalewich | Nancy Robbins
Bake-Off Fundraiser for Youth Group
Sunday, April 7th, Noon to 2pm
Come support Trinity's Youth Group mission trip fundraiser:
Do you have a tasty dessert to share? We ask that all entries are nut free. Special prizes for the best tasting and best table set up.
Free to enter and $1 donation per vote!

For more information:
Sherry: trinitycenorthboro@gmail.com or 508-254-2217
Linda: lcorbett12@hotmail.com  or 508-688-9392
Intergenerational Game Night
Sunday, April 7th 6 pm - 8 pm
Come join our youth for a fun game night! We would like to have adults come and join us with a favorite game for some intergenerational bonding.  

Contact Sherry Clark for more information:
Coffee House - Open Mic
Friday, April 12th, at 7pm - IN FELLOWSHIP HALL!
We invite you to come enjoy talented musicians performing a variety of music. You may even hear some poetry recitation. Coffee and refreshments will be served with a suggested donation.

BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug). A $5 per person donation will be accepted at the door ($10 max. per family).

Also check out the new Coffee House Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ThirdFloorCoffeeHouse

Sign up to help make our Coffee House a success - we need volunteers to donate snack items, baked goods and beverages, as well as help with setting up food the night of the event, collecting at the door or being the MC for the evening.

Please contact Pat Faldetta for more information, thirdfloorcoffeehouse@gmail.com .  
Saturday Breakfast Fellowship, TOPIC: Resurrection
Saturday, April 20th, at 8am
Saturday Breakfast Fellowship will be on Saturday, April 20 th  at 8:00 AM.
This month’s topic is the Resurrection.
With Breakfast Fellowship the day before Easter, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the resurrection and how important it is to Christianity.
Did the resurrection really happen?  Do you have to believe in the physical resurrection to be a Christian?  Is the resurrection story just a metaphor and not something physical?

Let’s talk about the resurrection and what it means to us on April 20 th .  I’ve listed the four resurrection stories from the Bible below along with some articles which talk about different interpretations.

As usual, we will start with breakfast and follow with fellowship and discussion.
For more information or to add yourself to the Saturday Breakfast Fellowship email list, please contact Tom Danforth at  tomdan4@gmail.com
Resurrection stories:
Matthew 28:1-20,  Mark 16:1-20,  Luke 24:1-53,  John 20:1-31
Can you question the Resurrection and still be a Christian?
Can a Christian Not Believe in the Resurrection?
Resurrection As Metaphor? What the Early Christians Meant When They Said, “Jesus is Lord”
Worcester Fellowship
Sunday, April 21st
1pm  Worship @ Worcester Common
We need donations! We will be making lunches to donate on April 21st after worship. Donations of food or small monetary amounts towards lunch supplies are welcome.

Join us on the Worcester common at 1pm for an outdoor service.

For more information please contact   John at   johnposluszny@gmail.com
Faith Foundations
April Themes:
  • Story of Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday Luke 19:28–40; 22:14–23:56; 24:1–12
Faith Foundations Teachers are NEEDED!
Please consider volunteering even if you have never taught before! It is time to fill up the sign-up sheet! See Sherry or use this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a084dafa92ca31-faith

Also, we now have a wonderful preschool class in our nursery. We look forward to seeing your little ones!

Don’t forget to send in your kids’ forms!

Intergenerational Service

March 24th we had a wonderful intergenerational service. Our youth participated in readings, handing out bulletins, acolyte, church band, the offering and breaking down a wall of hateful words and substituting them with loving words. William Corwin also shared a bit about his life with us and we celebrated Down Syndrome day with our funky mismatched socks. The kids all did an amazing job.
Youth Group
The next Youth Group will happen on April 7th. Following the Bake-Off we will have a movie and popcorn to rest up for the Painting Party at 4 pm. We will then paint the new middle school room on the third floor from 4 pm - 6 pm. At 6 pm our Game Night will begin.
Summer Camp  
Families beginning to think about summer plans can find information on two great summer camps using the links below. There are also hard copy brochures for Silver Lake available upon request. Scholarships for both camps can be applied for through Trinity as well as a second scholarship that is available for Grotonwood through the American Baptist Churches.
Good Friday on April 19
We are hoping to incorporate our kids into our Good Friday service. If your child would be interested in participating please contact Sherry at trinitycenorthborough@gmail.com
Have a student who may be eligible for a Trinity College scholarship? Applications can be found here https://www.trinitynorthborough.org/scholarships Please mark your calendar as the scholarships applied for will be given out Sunday, June 2nd during worship.
Upcoming dates:
Sunday, April 7th:
  • Bake-Off 12 pm - 2 pm
  • Youth Group 2 pm - 4 pm, Movie and popcorn
  • Painting Party 4 pm - 6 pm
  • Youth Group 6 pm - 8 pm Game Night

Friday, April 12th: Coffee House 7 pm - 9 pm

Sunday, April 14th: Mission Trip fundraiser planning 11:30 am - 12 pm

Friday, April 19th: Good Friday Intergenerational service 7 pm

Sunday, April 21st:
  • Easter, Intergenerational service
  • Worcester Fellowship lunches made after worship

Thursday, April 25th: Church Worship Band Practice 7:30 pm

Sunday, April 28th:
  • Church Worship Band
  • Mission Trip fundraiser planning 11:30 am - 12 pm
GSA Link
The Link that Connects

The GSA Link is a project connecting local GSA high school students to collaborate, share ideas, and socialize in a SAFE space. LGBT and allied high school students are welcome.

Trinity Church of Northborough
23 Main Street Northborough MA, 01532


April 12th and April 26th

For more information please contact:
Melissa at projectgsalink@gmail.com or 508-735-1267
Scholarship Applications
DUE: Sunday May, 5th APPLICATION
Applications are available below, in the church office, and on the bulletin board across from the church office.
Application deadline to be returned to the Scholarship Committee by the first Sunday in May - May 5th. If you have questions, please contact Paul Pazareskis,   jopazz@charter.net

Scholarships will be awarded on Sunday, June 2nd.
Welcome, Nancy! During the months of April and May Nancy Robbins will be filling in the office hours while Emily is on maternity leave.

Nancy's hours will be:
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 9am - 2pm
Thursday 9am - 2pm

Nancy will be using Emily's email so please continue to use trinitychurchnboro@gmail.com to get in touch with the office.
Coffee Hour Coordinators Needed!
Coffee Hour is an important part of our Sunday morning worship together and it is a great way for people to connect and for us to welcome visitors to our church.

We are in need of people to host coffee hour. One way it can be done is have a captain for the month, whether an individual or a committee. They would organize the month and get others to help. However, if someone would like to do it only one week, that is also welcomed.

Sign-up: Please see John P. during coffee hour or contact him directly: johnposluszny@gmail.com
Online giving is now available through Trinity's website!
Start your online giving here: LINK
For those situations where a person feels inspired to make a donation in support of Trinity’s mission, online giving is now available on Trinity’s website to make giving easier. 
  • After a person clicks the DONATE NOW link on Trinity’s home page, online giving provides them with multiple options of which fund or ministry they can direct their gift.
  • Payment methods include an electronic funds transfer from a checking or saving account, a debit card payment or a credit card payment.
  • The first time that a person uses online giving, they can set-up their profile so that they will not have to re-enter the information, and they will be able to access their online giving history.
  • IMPORTANT: Current members and regular donors do not need to change how they currently give to Trinity (collection plate, e-checks, etc.), if it works for them.  Online giving is being made available primarily as a convenient payment method for spontaneous givers. Unlike other payment methods, Trinity is charged processing fees for each transaction by VANCO, our electronic payments vendor. 

If you have any questions about online giving, please contact Pete Carlsen, Treasurer @ trinitynorthborotreas@gmail.com .

Start your online giving here: LINK
The “Count Your Blessings” thrift shop is open for the season.
Saturdays 10am - 1pm and Tuesdays 12pm to 3pm. 

W e’re looking for Costume jewelry and handbags!

Donations of gently used clothing can be dropped off in the marked bins in the church hallway. 

Please contact Linda Corbett if you are interested: lcorbett12@hotmail.com  or 508-688-9392
Please help by bringing food donations to Trinity.
The food pantry donation location has moved to the marked bin in first floor hallway.

Please check the dates on food items to make sure they have not expired.

Thank you to the volunteers who transport the donated food to the Northborough food pantry.

Altar Flowers Needed 2019 !! ALTAR FLOWER SIGNUP!
We would appreciate your help signing up to take a Sunday. Please click on the link above or below and after you choose a date to bring altar flowers there is a comment section where you can add the blurb you would like written in the Sunday bulletin. Signup Genie will automatically send you an email reminder six days prior to the day you signed up to bring flowers.

The altar flower sign-ups are now linked on the Trinity website, too! ALTAR FLOWER SIGNUP!
Festive Breads w/Pastor Valeria
Pastor Valeria is at Festive Breads every Wednesday from 8:30 - 10am and looks forward to your visit! Festive Breads is located at  299 W Main St  in Northborough, near Romaine's.
Community Meal - Join us each Wednesday, 6pm in the Fellowship Hall. The meals are free but donations toward the voucher fund are accepted. Each Wednesday at 6pm there is a new community group hosting the meal. Please join us!

Thrift Shop - Thrift shop hours of operations are Tuesday, 12 – 3 and Saturdays, 10 – 1. Donations of gently used clothing can be dropped off in the marked bin in the church hallway. Give us a review on Google!

Coleman House Service - Tuesday, April 16th at 2:30pm.
~ The A.A. Community and families of those who passed away.

If you know of someone who is hospitalized, ill, suffering from the loss of a loved one, or troubled in some way and in need of a pastoral call, please call Pastor Valeria at the church office, 508-393-8156.
The Northborough Free Library is presenting a series of films aimed at bringing our community together to reflect upon and share our cultural views and experiences. 
Next Date: Thursday, April 6th at 7pm
Film: Bag It
Americans use 60,000 plastic bags every five minutes-single-use disposable bags that we mindlessly throw away. But where is "away?" Where do the bags and other plastics end up, and at what cost to our environment, marine life and human health? Bag It follows "everyman" Jeb Berrier as he navigates our plastic world. Jeb is not a radical environmentalist, but an average American who decides to take a closer look at our cultural love affair with plastics. Jeb's journey in this documentary film starts with simple questions: Are plastic bags really necessary? What are plastic bags made from? What happens to plastic bags after they are discarded? Jeb looks beyond plastic bags and discovers that virtually everything in modern society-from baby bottles, to sports equipment, to dental sealants, to personal care products-is made with plastic or contains potentially harmful chemical additives used in the plastic-making process. When Jeb's journey takes a personal twist, we see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up with us and what we can do about it. Today. Right now.
Registration is not required, but attendees should plan to participate in both the viewing and the discussion of the film.
CONTACT:  Adult Services  508-393-5025   adults@northboroughlibrary.org
LOCATION: Meeting Room
Deadline Date ~ May Tidings
Please be sure to have all your info for the May issue of Tidings in to the church office by Sunday, April 28th, 2019. Your help is appreciated!
23 Main Street ~ Northborough, MA 01532
(508) 393-8156

Office Hours :
Tuesday: 9am - 2pm
Wednesday: 9am - 2pm
Thursday: 9am - 2pm

Rev. Valeria Schmidt, Sr. Pastor

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