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The past twelve months have brought change, uncertainty, overwhelm, frustration, and exhaustion into so many of our lives. While we're starting to see hope in returning to "normal," we know that the effects of the pandemic will be long lasting. But soon we will be able to travel again soon.
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A European Easter Tradition
These trees are called “Eierbaum,” “Osterbaum” or “Ostereierbaum” in German, meaning a tree that is decorated with eggs at Easter. Some trees have more than 10,000  eggs for Easter tree decorations. Many Easter traditions in Europe are based upon the egg.

Easter Fountain decorated with Eggs
Easter Pyramid made
of wood
Miniature Easter Egg Tree
Sure, you’ll find traditional Mexican cantinas, a lively street food scene and plenty of margarita-slinging bars like most beach destinations in Mexico, but Los Cabos takes it’s dining scene to the next level with exciting, contemporary restaurants that rivals major cities. Star chefs are attracted to Los Cabos, simply due to the fact the destination’s highbrow visitors like good food.
Los Cabos, Mexico
For decades, Los Cabos on Mexico’s Pacific Coast has seduced luxury travelers with its pristine beaches, incredible food scene and perfect, year-round weather. Though Hurricane Odile wreaked major havoc here in 2014, Los Cabos travel bounced back and persevered, and locals say the tropical paradise is even more dynamic than before.
Picturesque and alluring, soulful and blessed, Los Cabos offers hundreds of reasons to visit, here are the top 5.

  1. The elevated dining scene is reason alone to book Los Cabos travel.
  2. The beaches are intimate
  3. The marine life is outstanding
  4. The celebrity sightings are out of control
  5.  Spas are divine

In #Mexico, the culture is almost synonymous for the famous cuisine. And, within that cuisine lives the “humble champion of street food” – the taco.  Throughout Mexico, Texas and California, the Mexican taco is just about as diverse as Mexico’s nine regions and the corresponding culture. But no matter which region you travel to, you’re in for a delectable treat, perhaps with some authentic guacamole and tequila on the side. 
Click here for 11 of the most notable Mexican tacos to try at home!
Plan for your next
Easter in Germany 2022
Soon it's Gelato Season

What's your favorite flavor?

So what makes gelato distinct from ice cream? What’s the difference between sherbet and sorbet? 

Article - Click Here
Cruises are opening up!
Destination = Schloss Weitenburg
Join us on our Annual castle stays in southern Germany.
(Click on photo for Video)

Mentor of Leadership
I have been honored to have had the opportunity in my previous career as a Protocol Specialist & Translator to have escorted Ms. Frances Hesselbein. Ever since, she has been a highlight in my life with the many leadership discussions, leadership visions, and the ultimate gift to GIVE IT FORWARD! Whether we are in her NY office as she assigns you some reading or updating on the lates "Leader to Leader Magazine", or out in Easton, Pa for lunch or dinner at her favorite locations, the educator keeps you motivated in leading. We are looking forward to our next visit, after the Pandemic.
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Cruise ships will begin traveling again in June 2021.
The Caribbean is OPEN !
Disney is OPEN !
May 17-22, 2021 we're heading to Honolulu, Hawaii. Come and join us.
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