Volume 2.2 | April 2, 2018
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Office of Population Science and Policy (OPSP) is excited to bring you The Pioneer Pulse, a monthly supplement to our larger quarterly newsletter, The Pioneer .
National Public Health Week
Today marks the first day of National Public Health Week (NPHW), a time to recognize the importance of public health and highlight issues that are critical to improving our nation. The Office of Population Science and Policy  is collaborating with SIU MD/MPH students to celebrate public health throughout the week. Each day of NPHW is dedicated to a different public health issue and will highlight SIU School of Medicine professionals who have integrated public health into their training and practice.
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#SIUDAY of Giving
The Office of Population Science and Policy wants to extend a special thanks to everyone who made last month's #SIUDAY of Giving a success. If you missed the Day of Giving you can always support our efforts to build a healthier central and southern Illinois. Contact Heather Westrick , OPSP Administrative Director, for more information.
OPSP in the News
The Journal Gazette and Times-Courier covered the participation of Professor Wiley Jenkins , OPSP Science Director, in a panel discussing t he heroin epidemic after a screening of "The Heroin Project: A Documentary." Jenkins noted that heroin has become especially pervasive in more rural areas due to a lack of resources.
OPSP is featured in the Winter 2018 issue of the Illinois Rural Health Association’s Newsletter . The article highlights the launch of OPSP’s Social Innovation Division and its efforts toward “creating the most effective process to improve the health of central and southern Illinois.”
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Problem-Based Learning
OPSP recognizes an intrinsic link between education and health and is committed to delivering resources to improve educational opportunities throughout our service region. OPSP staff recently facilitated a workshop on problem-based learning (PBL) for primary educators at a Professional Learning Day in Decatur, Illinois.

Problem-based learning encourages students to learn about a subject by working in groups to solve an open-ended problem. It deemphasizes memorization and is thought to encourage critical thinking, collaboration and social skills. Contact us to discuss exploring PBL in your school.
Upcoming Events
Dr. Sameer Vohra , OPSP Executive Director, was selected to host a workshop titled “Building Community Coalitions to Research and Improve Population Health Outcomes” at the Beyond Flexner Alliance’s 2018 Conference April 9-11 in Atlanta.
Professor Jeanne Koehler , OPSP Social Innovation Director, will be the keynote speaker at the McDonough County Interagency Council’s Annual Professional Development Conference on April 13. The conference is open to the public and is located at Western Illinois University Horrabin Hall beginning at 11 am.
Office of Population Science and Policy faculty and staff are routinely invited to speak at local, statewide and national events. If you are interested in learning more about our Office or would like to have a member of the Office attend or speak at your local event, please contact us at opsp@siumed.edu .
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