April, 2022

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Manitoba Quits Spring Break Challenge

A little bit of clear air goes a long way. Research shows that quitting smoking makes people feel healthier within the first day. In just 48 hours, your oxygen levels and sense of taste and smell improve.

And you don’t need to do it alone. If you smoke and live anywhere in Manitoba, sign up to QUIT SMOKING for May and June and you could win a grand prize of $500 cash! 🤑 You’ll get a FREE quit kit, email support from the Lung Association team, and access to our online peer support group of others who’ve been exactly where you are.

You must sign up before the end of April, so don't wait! No matter if this is your first attempt or one of many, our tobacco cessation coordinators will help you build a quit plan that’s tailored to your unique situation and designed to give you everything you need to succeed.

Sign up for the spring break quit challenge
Talk to a certified tobacco educator

Pharmacists Manitoba is also offering a new quit program where you can access up to $100 in subsidies to help offset any medication costs, as well as up to 10 tobacco cessation counselling sessions with a pharmacist. Find out more.

Don't smoke? 📤  Forward this email and help a friend quit for good.


Clean Air = Cash!

If you have tested your home for radon you may be able to claim the cost of the radon test on your income tax. In order to qualify, you must also qualify for "work-space-in-the-home expenses" or be self-employed.

The Canadian Revenue Agency has confirmed that an employee (salaried and commission) may deduct a portion of the cost for radon testing (for example, a radon test kit or the services of a radon measurement professional) as a work-space-in-the-home expense, as such costs are incurred for the maintenance of the home, and this same inclusion is extended to a self-employed individual.

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Have you mitigated your home for radon? If so, enter the Radon Reduction Sweepstakes! 

Canadian homeowners who have tested their homes for radon and taken action to reduce levels to below recommended guidelines have a chance to receive a rebate towards the cost of the radon reduction in their home.

There will be 16 draws, each worth up to $500.

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