Community Design Center News...................................................April 2021
March's Lecture with Nidhi Gulati
Thank you to all who attended our lecture with Nidhi Gualti last week! Some unfortunate internet difficulties paled in comparison to her incredibly engaging webinar presentation, "Public Space and Mobility." She captivated attendees with extensive knowledge and artful storytelling, helping us to continue unpacking our 2021 theme of Building a Just Community.

We also hosted a follow-up Community Conversation with Bob Williams (Program Manager of Active Transportation, Genesee Transportation Council) and Pete Nabozny (Vice President, Reconnect Rochester) to further connect Nidhi Gulati's lecture to the local context.

Click the images above to watch recordings of the lecture (left) and follow-up Community Conversation (right).
Join us for our next Reshaping Rochester lecture with Mitchell Silver!
A Public Realm
Mitchell Silver
Commissioner of New York City Parks | New York, NY

April 28, 12:00pm
Zoom Webinar
Sponsored by the City of Rochester's Departments of
Neighborhood and Business Development & Environmental Services
Local & Notable:
The long-awaited Reimagine RTS system redesign will go into effect on May 17!

After being postponed due to COVID, Reimagine RTS is finally almost here. Reimagine RTS is a redesign of Monroe County's public transit system to better meet our community's needs, demands, and expectations. Learn the basics here and keep an eye on the RTS website to get familiar with the new system between now and its launch.

NOTE: There will be a public information/training session on 4/27. Details forthcoming.

Image Credit: RocGrowth
RocGrowth Art Grant Recipients Announced!

In early March, RocGrowth announced a round of "Art Grants." The $1000 grants, awarded to 10 artists from historically-marginalized communities, are intended to provide financial support in order to help them complete a project. After experiencing an overwhelming response and actually having to shorten the application deadline, the organization is hopeful that the success of this first round of grants will encourage more donations in the future.

Check this out:
Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe
The Architecture of Mass Vaccine Distribution

"Albrecht Broemme, the project manager in charge of setting up six [Berlin mass vaccination hubs], began laying out Lego models in November."

"Across the world the goal is the same: inoculate a maximum amount of people as fast as possible. More than 50 countries are racing to vaccinate their populations to fend off the rising death toll of [another] wave of infections. To supplement the existing network of hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities, many are establishing mass vaccination sites capable of processing crowds -- often sports areas, convention centers and stadiums, but also parking lots and deserted shopping malls."


Image Credit: quiggyt4/Shutterstock
A Complete Community is All Mixed Up

"A city is a place where many people and activities occur close together, which facilitates the exchange of goods and ideas. The secret to success is to mix things together to create complete communities. Urban planning often focuses on density, the number of people or activities in a given area, but equally important is land use mix, the diversity of people and activities in an area."


Image Credit: Walter Kulash
Reduced demand is just as important as induced demand

"Induced demand is a well-known and generally acknowledged principle of road building, and may be summarized by the famous line from movie Field of Dreams: 'Build it and they will come.' When substantial new road capacity is built, people will change their behavior -- perhaps moving to a community further away from employment, taking advantage of the temporary excess road capacity...There is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with induced demand that transportation professionals rarely acknowledge exists, let alone act upon. It is called reduced demand. If road capacity is reduced, people will also change their behavior."

See what our friends are doing:
Friday, Apr. 16

Calling all current architecture students and high school seniors committed to an architecture program for the Fall 2021 term: AIA Rochester and the Architectural Foundation of Greater Rochester; in conjunction with AIA National, Bergmann Associates, the family of Myron Starks, and Women in Architecture; have announced the 2021 Scholarship Program and will award over $17,000 to qualified individuals! Students must have a permanent residence in the Greater Rochester region, as specified by AIA.


Sunday, May 9 - Sunday, May 30

The Blocks in Bloom program helps City of Rochester residents in low-income neighborhoods create front yard flower gardens to beautify their spaces. Starting in May, the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County's Master Gardeners is seeking "tough as nails" perennial donations for this year's program.

Thursday, Apr. 15 | 3:00pm-5:00pm | Conkey Corner Park, Rochester, NY 14621

Interested in volunteering outside, picking up outdoor skills, and meeting others who care about the environment? The 2021 Trail Keepers season kicks off this month with a visit to the Thomas R. Frey Trail at El Camino! This City-owned rail-trail is a popular 2.25 mile-long trail that connects the El Camino neighborhood with Seneca Park and beyond. All ages and ability levels are encouraged to sign up. Snacks provided!

Thursday, Apr. 12 | 7:00pm-8:30pm | Rochester Brainery Online

It's not an accident that 90% of the country's cobblestone structures are located within 75 miles of Rochester: from cobblestone to picturesque cemeteries, and stately red sandstone civic buildings to old mills, our area's unique architectural heritage is, in part, a reflection of its singular geological history. Is your interest peaked? Then be sure to check out this class led by members of the Young Urban Preservationists (YUP).