April Update
Hello Friends!

I hope that this email finds you healthy and safe at home. Due to the evolving global health situation, it has become necessary to change our habits and find a new way of living, working, and connecting.

In lieu of a newsletter this quarter, I thought I would send you this letter to touch base and remind you of how valuable you are to our Library and how valuable our Library and staff are to our community.

This is the first time in many years we haven’t been able to honor our Rocklin Library staff in person during National Library Week. This annual recognition of our professional staff and our Placer County Library System is important now more than ever. We so often take for granted that the library will continue to be open when we want to visit, that experienced and trained staff will be on hand to help us, and that accurate and current books and materials will be available for our use.

The closure of our library has impacted thousands of Rocklin families that rely on it for the use of materials, programs, and social connection. I am confident that once the Library can reopen, our community will pour back into their space and it will become an even more prized and valuable asset in our City. Visit our Facebook page and join us in spreading the library love online this week.

Many non-profits are struggling at this time as streams of revenue have dried up. We are fortunate to have a generous community and we know that when needs arise, Rocklin residents will step up. In that vein, I’d like to ask that you consider giving to the Placer County Literacy Support Council during the upcoming Big Day of Giving. The Literacy Support Council raises funds to support adult learners throughout our county, and adults incarcerated in the Placer County Jail. Adults who learn to read and write have more economic and educational opportunities and those who are incarcerated are less likely to commit crimes upon release. Please join my husband and I, and the Rocklin Friends of the Library by contributing on May 7 th . You can even pre-schedule your gift today at https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/LSCPC.

I want to close with something I’m looking forward to. This winter, our library will celebrate 10 years of service in our current location!
Rocklin’s library is a unique partnership between the City of Rocklin and Placer County and is a point of great civic pride. Details will be forth coming as we navigate emerging from our current physical distancing standards and closely monitor the directives of our Office of Public Health.

Thank you for your continued support of our Rocklin Library and our community.

Michele Vass
Rocklin Friends of the Library