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A Note From Caissa
Easter Eggs and Nest Eggs

2017 marked the earliest Easter egg hunt I've ever been on... Dillon was up as the sun was just thinking about rising. We laid the eggs out the night before, treasure hunt style; with directions in each egg leading him to find the next egg until he discovered the treasure basket at the end.  It was pretty smooth going actually, because the directions were clearly written out.
This month for our Caissa Conversations topics we are talking about estate planning and what happens after you die.  If you think about it, an estate plan can be like a well laid out treasure hunt. Or, it can be like looking for treasure in the Bermuda triangle!  While much of estate planning tends to focus on protecting the " nest egg" there should also be an equivalent amount of time thinking about protecting the PEOPLE in your nest. 
It will never stop amazing me how money can be so divisive, typically because the decisions weren't proactively laid out and the family members are left to try to guess what that should look like.  Our advice is to have a well-thought-out-plan and detail it very simplistically.  I also recommend paying an attorney to draft the planning documents sooner than later. After you pass, it will end up being more expensive and leaves more of an opportunity for fighting amongst your loved ones as they try to determine what you would have wanted.   Death is such an emotional time, it is easiest on family members if you have taken the time to tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do, where you want your assets to go and what role everyone has. 
Attorneys know how to leave flexibility in the documents so you don't paint yourself into a corner; they're pretty smart like that.  However, it is up to each of us to make sure your personal wishes are well documented and not left to second guessing.  You can either make the passing of the nest egg an easy path to follow or a horrific treasure hunt.  
I hope you all had a good Easter for those who celebrate it or for those who just ate the candy. I did both! J

Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

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If the article I wrote for "MarketWatch", published by Dow Jones & Co.

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