You're Going to Have a GREAT Year! Here's Why
After a year of disruptions, it's nice to look ahead and see many positive things coming in 2021.

Demand will be really strong. Homeowners have money and want to spend it. Credit is easy to access at record low rates both for refinancing and home equity loans. Remind them what they need to buy - and that they need to buy it from you!

Home values are rising. When home values are increasing, homeowners are reminded to invest in their largest asset. Show them how they can enhance their landscapes.

Home construction is not keeping up with demand. Inventory of new houses for sale is at record lows, boosting both new construction and remodeling. This will drive even more demand for landscape services.

The outdoor living spaces trend continues to expand. They want their landscapes to be nice! Capture easy add-on sales for enhancements like lighting, WiFi controllers and much more. Show them what they need, and they'll show you the money.

The landscape bonanza continues. Let's maximize your success!

The Team at North South Supply
Earn Additional Savings & Bonuses with Your Purchases
Learn how to save $$ on your upcoming projects with our special offers. Click here for details.
FREE Resources to Help You Find and Hire Employees
It's tough to find good people in today's booming market.
There are hundreds of employers seeking the same applicants you're going for. Your competition isn't just other contractors; it's everybody who is looking for people who are willing to work hard.

A recent survey of landscape contractors indicated that the biggest challenge in recruiting is not having enough candidates from which to choose. Digging deeper, it's not just a lack of candidates, it's a lack of QUALITY candidates.

If you want to attract and hire the best, you need a plan. We're offering a series of guidebooks that can help you recruit more effectively. Download the PDFs here: 
Meet Local Stormwater Regulations & Grow Your Business!
Preventing stormwater from damaging your customers property and drowning their plants has always been a top priority. In many areas, there are also new regulations that require on-site retention of stormwater to reduce runoff and the potential for pollution.
Let us guide you to the right ADS solutions for your drainage challenges. Whether your need is residential, commercial or institutional, we can supply the products and know-how. It's the perfect time to jump into this fast-growing business segment. 

We offer corrugated and smooth wall tubing, drainage culverts, detention and retention products, leaching chambers, and more. Our drainage partner ADS has been the market leader in quality, service and innovation for decades. Drainage is a smart way to diversify your business during the wet weather months. Let us help you with your next project!
Flint & Walling - 2021 Training Events
Get the pump knowledge you need to be successful in 2021.

Flint & Walling training includes engaging presentations, Q + A's, and course handouts.

Register for 'Upcoming Webinars' and receive a certificate upon completion of the training.

Please reach out to your local sales representative to schedule private training for your organization. To get started, email or visit

Kichler Tip: Closing the Deal with Landscape Lighting Customers
When you're on the verge of closing the sale but the customer is hesitating, explore some tips from Kichler that can help you seal the deal. Some example situations:

Win the right comparison - not the wrong one Don't let cost rule your conversation. Listen to your customer's cost concerns but make the case for the total value of your services as a reputable contractor. Your customer is not just buying a product. They are buying the confidence and peace of mind that will come with your professional design and execution, plus the quality of Kichler Lighting's products and their industry-leading warranty. Your company and Kichler will stand behind the customer.
Be open and honest - and quiet Ask the customer, "How far off are we on price?" Give the customer time and silence to respond. (Count silently to 10 if you have to.) By providing a number, the customer comes closer to a deal with you. Having a definite number helps you brainstorm ways to close the gap.
Take Advantage of Manufacturer Rewards Programs
You can earn rewards points in a variety of programs with your purchases at North South. We invite you to be rewarded for your loyalty!

With many programs, your points convert easily to a credit on your account, good towards any products we sell. This is often your most lucrative reward option. 

We know you're busy, but don't allow your points to expire un-used. Bring your manufacturer statements in to us if you need help redeeming your points.

Browse the programs at these links: Rain Bird, Toro, K-Rain, Signature
Cash In! Your K-Rain Purchases Are Eligible for a 4%+ Rebate
Who couldn't use a little extra cash?

As a member of the K-Rain Premier Contractor Program, you begin earning a cash rebate from your very first purchase on all qualifying K-Rain products from North South.

Your rebate can be redeemed for debit cards or distributor credit toward your next purchase of K-Rain product.
First Fit and Service made Easy with the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series
The 300 Series Small Backflow saves time and money with labor-saving flushing, maintenance and repair solutions. The right backflow preventer can alleviate stressful problems during startups and flushing. Zurn Wilkins 300 Series backflow preventers support a faster way of completing the work through its patented design. Best of all, the entire pressure vessel can be removed for ease of service.

Easy Line Flushing for Faster Installation Line flushing is simple, safe and easily directed to a drain or container. Easy single person flushing saves up to 15 min. per unit. Reduces call backs for relief valve discharge.  
EZSwap™ Pressure Vessel for Simple Maintenance. EZSwap is designed for repeated reuse, maintenance and repairs that can be performed at the service vehicle or shop.
Durability and Theft Deterrence UV-resistant, reinforced composite nylon EZSwap resists corrosion, mineral build-up and harsh outdoor conditions.
Lowest Life-Cycle Costs Reduced labor and repair kit costs yield savings of 75% or more during the backflow lifecycle compared to other manufacturers.
Available in Reduced Pressure Principle Assemblies (375/375XL Series). For more info, visit or our irrigation playlist on YouTube at OneZurn