April 8th, 2019

Hello, Wonderful Oaxis Family! 

We are so excited to connect with you during this beautiful spring time and tell you all the exciting news regarding Oaxis Entertainment! 

The Platform build (the app/streaming service where the entertainment content will live) is currently underway and it’s looking amazing! We are in Phase 1 and, as you know, it’s a massive project that will take a lot of funding to get finished.  

Julieann & I are chris-crossing the country every weekend meeting and connecting with potential investors that share the same core values as we do here at Oaxis. It’s going very well and great relationships are being built. 

We’ve been living out of airports & suitcases as we pursue the dream of creating a strictly family-focused entertainment service. This is our life’s mission and we are enjoying every second of it. It’s not easy but we love the challenge.

We are currently in production on another exciting Oaxis series that teaches kids all about creativity through art. Episode 1 was just finished this week and we are now on track for beginning production on episode two.

We appreciate you all so much and, as we continue to meet and connect with the wonderful investors and partners that will bring Oaxis to life. We look forward to giving you the next update.

With much love & appreciation, 

Butch & Julieann Hartman
Oaxis CEO & CFO