April 2022
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April is Stress Awareness Month

How well do you manage your stress level? Do you practice healthy habits in times of stress?

How to observe Stress Awareness month:
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • See your doctor
Get Your Gut in Shape
Your intestines are full of bacteria. The more good bacteria, or probiotics, you have, the fewer digestion problems you are likely to have. Consuming probiotics—which exist in fermented foods, such as yogurt, and in special nutritional supplements—is thought to improve health in a number of ways.
Maximize Your Workout

Boost your calorie burn with cardio & resistance exercises. In just 30 minutes, a 150-pound person can burn a number of calories doing these activities:
  • Cycling: 295 calories
  • Freestyle swimming: 255 calories
  • Running: 295 calories
Simple + Price

Healthcare pricing can be confusing. To simplify things, Vista offers a pre-pay pricing program for those in Lake County and the surrounding communities who might not have insurance
Vista Physician Group
Schedule a Wellness Appointment
Offering options to keep you safe and healthy are important. It's easy to schedule online with offices throughout Lake County, we're in your neighborhood.
24/7 Nurse Line Help

Not sure if your illness is serious enough to see a doctor or to go to the hospital?

Call the Nurse Help Line: 847 360-4357(HELP)

Care Coordination

Call our live care coordinators to assist in scheduling all your Health Services 24/7 at:

(847) 545-0936