April 2024: Word of Life

The April 2024 edition of Word of Life is available in English and will be posted on the same webpage in Spanish as soon as it is available.

Previous issues are available at respectlife.org/word-of-life-archive.

April 2024 Edition

April 7, 2024: Sunday of Divine Mercy

On the Second Sunday of Easter, the Church celebrates the Sunday of Divine Mercy. It provides an important opportunity to share Christ’s message of mercy, especially with those who suffer because of their participation in one or more abortions. By the age of 45, as many as 1 in 3 women have had an

abortion, and a similar number of men and family members have been


Many feel that abortion is “the unforgivable sin.” They need to hear that, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God forgives every sin of a repentant heart, even the sin of abortion. In fact, Jesus’ message to St. Faustina is that the greater the sinner, the greater the right to his mercy.

Resources are available to share this message of mercy in your parish and are highlighted on the first page of the April edition of Word of Life.

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