Lifting All Boats in Our Field

Standing before long boats built of bamboo and coffee filters by young people (one is pictured to the right), I felt viscerally the artistry that went into this project – and the human potential we leave on the table as a country when we don’t find ways to support all young people on their journey to self-sufficiency.  

The pictures in this issue of YouthNotes come from the California Family Life Center. The boats are filled with letters by young people to their past selves, powerful warnings about the challenges they will face, better paths that could have been taken, and what future lies in store for them. 

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Dispatch from CCRY: Successes and Challenges in Reconnecting

It’s hard to believe that CCRY (Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth), which met last month in DC, is ten years old. Read more...

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More Youth Art from the California Family Life Center
Tools and Recent Research
  • A new MDRC evidence scan describes what works in helping disconnected young people aged 16-24, looking across recent impact, quasi-experimental, and implementation studies. 
  • The Fordham Institute has released an analysis of the benefits of career and technical education in high school.
  • A new brief from the Seattle Jobs Initiative and the National Skills Coalition looks across four states and makes recommendations for effective SNAP Education and Training programs.
  • New Brookings research suggests a link between income inequality and high school dropout among low-income youth. 
  • Susan Dynarski analyzes the net effect of student loan interest rate reductions, and what steps would most benefit low-income college students. 
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Photo credits: NYEC photos from the California Family Life Center. Used with permission.