Here is another one of my true stories entitled
A Dark and Very Cold Night

I am hunched up in layers of clothes in a dark 32 degree basement of an empty building. I am politely asking if any ghostly presence wishes to make themselves known. Ah, the night of a ghost hunter!

I do not like to explore places where there has been great human or animal suffering. Prisons, insane asylums, old hospitals , and places of violent crime are all horrifying to me. I do not understand the popular attraction to visit them, plead for contact with some residual energy of suffering that remains and then do nothing to release it.

On this particular night, I have accompanied a ghost hunting team to explore this large old building slated to be demolished in a few days. There was an air of resigned sadness in the musty cold. The building had been for many years what was once known as a poor house. Entire families, too poverty stricken to survive, were once sent here. Families were separated for as long as they remained , men on one floor, another floor for women and a wing for children. All were expected to work the farm the building sat on and a warden of sorts over saw the running of the home.

Our research found that at one time a woman ran the home for several years but was cruel and the residents complained of being hungry or mistreated. We felt that very much in the kitchen area and could sense how cupboards must have been locked to prevent a hungry person from stealing a bite.

We faintly heard the quiet mutterings and subdued laughter over a forbidden card game and we felt the energy of the place warily watching us.

It is hard to believe such places existed until almost 1950 and then orphanages took the children,workhouses took the able bodied men and women, asylums and hospitals took some and then only the old remained. Poor houses became"homes for the aged" and then"nursing homes" and then "retirement homes"...somehow, all still the same...a place for souls without home or family able to provide for them.

So, I ask those who seek out the messages of those who have passed in sad places to be respectful. Honor their life, admire their courage, feel their hopelessness .....else the next generation will visit to hear YOUR long dead whispers...and no one will care.
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Here is something great to try if you have not mastered the art of meditating...or just plain don't want to. HUM...yep, humming brings everything into alignment. I would suggest not making that Christmas carols in July, but just a plain monotone hum...like chanting Om. I think there is a new book out on this subject that goes into much more detail, but I found a hand on your heart and a sustained long hum will calm you down and put you in a place of peace in ...well, almost a heartbeat. Try it!
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