April 2022
Illustration of a community holding back a toxic wave with text: Environmental Justice is our cry of defiance against the onslaught of oppressive toxins and toxic oppressions that threaten to submerge our homes.
Through a Switzer Network Innovation grant, Daisy Benitez, Genie Bey and Jolisa Brooks have created an accessible, open-access JEDI Master Toolkit for Switzer Fellows and other environmental practitioners seeking to further individual and organizational understanding of the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). Download the toolkit and learn more about the project here
The Switzer Foundation is proud to sponsor The Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience. The SNC engages intergenerational and convergent coalitions to broaden participation of Black, Native/Indigenous, and Latinx students and scholars in geosciences and related disciplines. Learn more about the conference and apply to attend here.
Black in Environment exists to increase visibility of Black environmentalists, build community, and impart positive change across the globe.

Switzer Fellows Regan Patterson and Timnit Kefela are part of the organizing team. Black in Environment Week is an opportunity to illuminate Black excellence in environmental fields.

Happy National Poetry Month!
The Switzer Network is blessed with people of many talents and interests, including poets and poetry-readers. Fellows are sharing their own or their favorite poems on a thread in our google group listserv. We invite you to join in and read what others are sharing! (Not a member of the listserv? Contact Cora to join.)
Fellow News

Thursday, April 28th, 2022
9 -10 am PDT / Noon - 1 pm EDT
Climate change affects us all, but historically marginalized populations are worst impacted. Additionally, environmental organizations that work on climate change lack racial diversity and therefore the skills to address equity challenges. This presentation by Switzer Fellow Clara Fang will look at where we are in the climate movement in terms of diversity and inclusion and how we can foster a movement with more belonging and justice for all. Register here.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022
Noon - 1 pm PDT / 3 - 4 pm EDT
The past two years have presented unique challenges for working parents navigating changing situations with school, childcare, work and family life. We invite Switzer Fellows who are working parents to come together to share stories and support around COVID and other challenges in an informal networking event. Register here.

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing opportunities on the Switzer Fellows listserv! We encourage you to keep posting jobs that come your way. If you have a connection to the hiring organization and are willing to be contacted, please include that information when you forward the posting. If a fellow has a connection, we will include it in this section each month.

You are also invited to join our private LinkedIn Group. This is another space to connect with other Switzer Fellows and stay up to date on the latest opportunities and news.
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