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Spectroscopy has escaped the confines of the lab and is taking the measurement to the sample. As plant researcher Andreas Burkart explains, the use of miniature spectrometers aboard unmanned aerial vehicles is helping to change the landscape of vegetation analysis.

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The near-infrared spectrum of different polymers can be used to separate plastics in recycling, helping to improve processes and reduce waste. In this application note, we demonstrate principles of plastics sorting using NIR spectroscopy.

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Ocean Optics has developed a proprietary new nanosponge substrate technology for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). These low-cost, high-performance substrates are ideal for detection of explosives, pesticides and many other chemicals.

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The SciBridge organization encourages sustainable energy research collaboration between U.S. and African universities. In an interview, SciBridge founder Veronica Augustyn describes her inspiration for the program and how spectroscopy plays a role in evaluating materials for solar cells.

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In an interview with "Trail by Fire" researcher Dr. Yves Moussallam, we learn how our Flame spectrometer fares in measuring SO2 emission from volcanoes along the Andes Mountains and discover how UV absorbance spectroscopy is one step in a process toward improving atmospheric models.

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In this technical tip, we investigate how modular spectrometers, excitation sources and accessories allow users to optimize fluorescence systems for a variety of measurement parameters.

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