CHESS eNewsletter - April 2023 | Issue No. 106
CHESS Holds Town Hall - Extended funding and other updates from around the lab

The Cornell Electron/Positron Storage Ring, CESR, restarted last week in preparation for users returning for the Spring run, beginning Wednesday, April 26th. This milestone and other updates were discussed at the CHESS Town Hall, an event informing users of upcoming X-ray user facility activities.
Upcoming Events at CHESS
User Meeting 2023
Registration, Awards, Poster!

The 2023 User Meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 6th, with two workshops to follow. We are excited to see everyone gather in person for a day filled with updates from around the lab, scientific talks, awards, and a poster session.

We are currently accepting nominations for the student paper prize, poster submissions, and nominations for the User Executive Committee.

PALSA 2023
Workshop & Conference

Registration is open for PALSA 2023, an international, in-person/hybrid conference this July 12-14th to showcase and discuss applications of synchrotron radiation to the study of plants, soils, climate, food and nutrition, agriculture, and other related topics. Abstracts for posters are still welcome.

Visit for further information, including confirmed speakers and venue information.

Research & News at CHESS
Structural evolution of the kagome superconductors through charge density wave order

A new paper appearing in Physical Review Materials by a team from UCSB, Argonne National Lab, and Cornell sheds new light on the structural evolution of kagome superconductors during CDW formation.

Newman Lab
A huge part of CHESS's history

Newman Lab, across Cornell's campus from CHESS at Wilson Lab, recently celebrated its 75th year! The research done at Newman Lab is a massive part of CHESS's history of accelerator physics -- advancing us into a brighter future!

Outreach Insights

CHESS recently welcomed a group of 20 students from the SUNY Delhi Society of Manufacturing Engineers club for a tour of Wilson Lab.

SUNY Delhi offers the nation's first mechatronics major, a multidisciplinary field of engineering, incorporating controlled electronics, mechanical and computer systems; all to adapt to the ever-evolving and intricate systems of everything in industry; from food processing and car-manufacturing to sustainability and space exploration.

The recent tour provided SUNY Delhi students with the opportunity to get an in-depth peak at what happens at Wilson Lab, from the inside of the CESR tunnel, to the detector table built by the first cohort of interns from SUNY Delhi at CHESS, which is still in use on the CHESS floor today.
CHESS and CLASSE scientists take part in Expanding Your Horizons 2023

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a one-day conference designed to stimulate participants’ interest in math and science through hands-on activities, provide female scientist role models, and foster awareness of opportunities in math and science-related careers. CLASSE and CHESS have been long-time sponsors and participants in this inspiring program.

CHESS is always looking for talented individuals to join our team! Please check out the latest job offerings available at the lab.

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