April 8-15
We wish all of our families a Pesach Sameach
Reminder :  
Shalom School will be holding all classes online for now.
Stay in and stay well

We are Zooming ON!

We might not be able to sit together anymore but our classes are going on. After a few training sessions our teachers are now teaching their classes online every Sunday morning! As you may imagine that has lead to few several first:

  • class happened around breakfast for many of our students
  • school services were held in 30 families' living rooms instead of one sanctuary
  • students' pets are often joining classes

All sessions are filled with ruach and students are so glad to see each other again.

Ms.Josie: The Prek/K class has a wonderful Sunday session via Zoom. It was exciting to have everyone, including parents, sign in and join us for the learning and fun. I especially enjoyed getting to see my students' faces and having their families participate with us. I appreciated their patience with the hiccups, as this is a new platform for me to utilize and teach from! I look forward to our next lesson. 

Mrs. Lisa :   The 1st Grade Hebrewsaurs had an amazing Zoom Class!!! We read a book about Shabbat, talked about how the day of rest relates to staying home right now and doing good deeds for others who need help, learned and sang a song together, did a scavenger hunt for Shabbat items in our house and shared them, watched Grover learn about the items we use for Shabbat, played an interactive game led by two silly candlesticks, and practiced writing the Hebrew letters in the word Shabbat shalom on a shared screen. Using technology made for an incredibly engaging class filled with writing, moving, singing, talking, playing, and learning- so many mixed media options were explored, and we discovered the wonderful opportunities at our fingertips

Mrs. Michelle (2nd grade) : Our first two Zoom classes went really well! It's so nice to see students comfortable in their own homes and excited to see their friends faces. One of the best parts of holding Zoom classes is that we can utilize so much more! We went on scavenger hunts in our homes for items when we learned our colors in Hebrew and even got to show off our favorite possessions when we pretended to pack up and get out of Egypt with Moses. I'm certain the rest of the year will continue to go well, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue working with this amazing bunch!

Ms. Brina (3rd/4th grade) : Our first session on Zoom went excellent! The kids showed a lot of enthusiasm getting to work from home and I believe that it gave them a different kind of experience during the session (almost like working one-on-one with the teacher). 
Although the rest of the year will be different, everybody’s attitudes, including the students, are very hopeful and I’m so excited to be working with them during this historic time

Ms. Emma : (5th & 6th grade: ) Since we started back I have lucky enough to have both the fifth and sixth grade classes. I have been able to learn how to apply some of our normal activities to our virtual classes, such as kahoot quizzes and different videos, on top of new activities including using google earth for a scavenger hunt activity. Overall our transition for the 5/6th grade class has been as smooth as possible, and I would like to thank all of the parents for their continued support! 
Virtual Seder maybe?
This year Pesach will be rather different for all of us. We will not be able to gather together around one table, some of us maybe in smaller gathering of 4, 2 or even alone. While this may feel sad, there are some ways to come together without being physically together:

Plan the exact same menu: Matzo Ball soup and brisket anyone?
Plan same schedule:(Manishtana at 7:40pm, 3rd cup at 9:20pm,...)
Use the same hagaddah- PJ Library sent out a great version!
Get Grandma or Uncle David's usual comments shared ahead,
Schedule a now-so-trendy Zoom-Seder.

Whatever your family format will be, it will require extra thinking to build those connections luckily, URJ has put together HERE a list to make this year Seder lively and meaningful.

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