Spring is Here - Get Growing!

Grow it Yourself

Grow your own foods - great nutrition, healthy connection to nature, and lowest food carbon foot print.

Microgreens sprout trays are an easy way to GIY, anywhere, and increase your protein, vitamin and mineral intake. Plus they are beautiful!

For April's GIY feature - we are highlighting the booths and nurseries represented at your local Farmers' Market that offer you island grown garden starts. 

Seedlings are available at the Hamakua Harvest, Hawi, Keauhou and South Kona Farmers' Markets.

Support your local growers by sourcing seeds, seedlings and saplings from local businesses.

SNAP/EBT members of Same Canoe can receive special coupons for seedling purchases during April, up to $40 per person. Must be from approved vendors at Hamakua, Hawi, Pukalani / Waimea, Keauhou and South Kona Farmers' Markets.

Email hawaii@oneisland.org for details.
Coupons will be issued by mail.

Mark Your Calendar: 
Ayurvedic Food as Medicine
Saturday, April 27th, 9:30-11am at
Keauhou Farmers' Market, Kona
Free event open to the public.

Presentation by 
Ayurvedic Wellness Center

Same Canoe SNAP participants earn one coupon for participating, and can request an herbal food product sample. Email hawaii@oneisland.org to request.

Hawaii Seeds
"Behold the miracle of life in a tiny seed"

Seed banks are sprouting up around Hawaii. Some are located at a public library, others are emerging enterprises protecting and promoting local food security.

An important advantage of acquiring seed from local growers is that the mother plants have already been successful in completing a full life cycle in local island conditions and thereby offer you a higher chance of generating new food crops that will thrive in your area.

Support the Hawaii Seed Growers Network

Hawaii  Seed Growers Network Farmers  have been hard at work growing and adapting some great new varieties to offer for your gardens in 2019!

Meet the farmers --

Same Canoe SNAP/Members can receive up to $20 in seeds from the HSGN by emailing your selection of available seed choice, name and mailing adress to hawaii@oneisland.org

EBT eligible seeds are also available at Island Naturals and Choice Mart.

Green IS a Verb -Do It!


GIY Learning Opportunities

Passport Points can be earned by attending these free community classes

Email hawaii@oneisland.o rg to request a passport

Points accumulate as entries in drawings for great local food adventures.

Open to any North or West Hawaii resident.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Sun. March 31st

Hamakua Harvest Farmers' Market

Free Class

Join Waipi'o farmer and Kanu Charter School teacher Topher Fast as he shares an overview of the importance of  mushrooms as food and as a powerful environmental mycoremediation. 

He will share how to grow your own mushrooms  by bags and/or logs and keeping the risk of contamination and snail attacks as minimal as possible.

Hosted by Hamakua Harvest

Note: This event earns $20  in coupons for our SNAP members

Grow Your Own Soil

kuaiwi taro 

Sat., April 6th

Kailua-Kona Public Library

Free Class

Melanie Bondera is offering a free public workshop introducing several systems for improving your soil's fertility. She'll cover composting, as well as using compost teas, shade trees, intercropping and cover crops for soil improvement. Soil additives including micronutrients and animal waste will also be discussed.

 In a review of the chemistry and biology of soil fertility, you'll also learn ways to test your soil and augment it accordingly. A compost tea making demonstration will be included. 

The follow-up Q & A session will allow you to address issues in establishing healthy, rich gardening soil on your site.

Hosted by the Community Seed Library

Note: This event earns $20  in coupons for our SNAP members

Recommended Movies for April

SNAP members can enroll to earn points for watching these films and submitting a written review. Email for details. 


Ayurvedic Food as Medicine at Keauhou Farmers Market, April 27th

Superfood Spirulina Tour, May 16th in Kona.

Four Seasons Chef 
Farm Tour, June 2nd
in North Kohala

Hosted by One Island and Same Canoe