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April / 2017
April is National Financial Literacy Month!
National Financial Literacy Month grew out of "Youth Financial Literacy Day", that was introduced by the National Endowment for Financial Education more than a decade ago. Recognized each April in the United States, National Financial Literacy Month offers a special opportunity for public and private sector organizations – including financial corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies – to promote their educational initiatives and resources. 

This special cause highlights the importance of financial literacy and teaching consumers of all ages to manage their money wisely. It encourages families, classrooms, and organizations to reflect on how people can establish and maintain healthy financial habits.

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"Never had a problem and when I had a question I was always treated well. You helped me be able to afford to rent an apartment on my own because I wasn't financially able to. I am forever grateful and would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone!Lindsey C.

"Four years ago I met with a debt management representative because I felt things were collapsing financially for me. I had been using credit cards to live beyond my means and amassed a debt totaling $20,000.00+. I was barely making the monthly minimum payments and had maxed out my cards. Because of my careless disregard for payment dates, my payments were consistently late. My credit was virtually ruined. I could not even secure a bank loan for a mortgage without having to ask someone to cosign for me. It was embarrassing to imagine I had to secure a cosigner for a mortgage that most people my age can obtain easily! I met with Cindy Moon (now retired). She was considerate of my situation and never made me feel ashamed of living beyond my means. She was honest as to the expectations of the program and very detailed in how the process would work. I received the official program documents and prepared to repay the debts I accumulated over a course of several years. Payments were made consistently and now my credit has been fully restored. Thank you!"  ~ Melissa O.
"I am so glad that I listen to my daughter when she told me to go and talk to you about my debt problem. She also is free from credit card debt now. I will forever be an advocate of Advantage CCS. At present, I am talking to my friend Ron about calling and making an appointment with your office. Thank you for your help! I have kept free from debt and I'm keeping a budget."  ~ Susan T.
We now offer Remote Housing Counseling sessions!

Advantage CCS is proud to announce that the agency was approved by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) to start the pilot program for Remote Housing Counseling. We are the only agency in Pennsylvania that’s being funded by the PHFA to provide this type of counseling to PA residents.

In order to take part in the Remote Housing Counseling, a person only needs to have a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You will need a device that has a web camera so that the counselor can clearly see you during the session. You’ll also have to download the GoToMeeting App to get connected. Remote sessions take about 90 minutes to complete while the traditional face-to-face sessions can take over 2-3 hours.

Remote Housing Counseling is available for Pre-Purchase counseling, Pre-Closing counseling (lender requirement before you close on a new house), and Foreclosure Prevention counseling (for anyone that’s struggling to make a mortgage payment or has fallen behind on payments).

You must have an email address to sign up for this Remote Housing Counseling session. You’ll also need to be able to scan, fax, or mail in all of your paperwork. The agency does utilize DocuSign for electronic signatures.

Our counselors are certified by PHFA and NeighborWorks. They are all highly trained and very professional so that we can provide you with the best Remote Housing Counseling experience.

For more info, please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-699-2227.


Celebrate the opening of the Thinking Money Exhibition at the Peters Township Library and pick up some tips about money! Advantage CCS and several other local PA organizations will be on hand on Saturday, April 1st to provide resources to make smart financial choices that will help to prepare you for whatever the future brings. This event will also kick-off their “passport to financial literacy” series geared towards children that goes on all month long. 

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Are you up for the Advantage Challenge?

Advantage CCS challenges YOU to the 365 Day Money Challenge! In this challenge, you will be saving money every single day, and this is especially great for you if you’re a person of habit.

You’ll start with $0.01 on Week #1 and end with $3.65 on Week #52. You'll increase by only 1 cent every single day!

So on day 2, you will save $0.02 and on day 3 you will save $0.03. So on and so forth! In total, you’ll save $667.95 by the end of 365 days or 1 year!

Let us know if you are up for this challenge and keep us updated on your progress! Email your results to: