Easter Conversations With Kids

Hopefully, you have had a thoughtful Lenten season with your family. As Holy Week and Easter quickly approach, adults who have children in their life may receive some questions from children that cause them to pause before answering. Jesus' death ...

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He has Risen, He has Risen indeed!

I hope you are having a peaceful Holy week as you prep for whatever Easter celebration will look like in your church this year. We are in a time of celebration for Easter, but also for a time of transitioning to more in-person ministry opportunities thanks to the vaccine so many have received. Note the word transition, not wide open maskless ministry. We are not to the place where we can do in-person ministry as we once did, but we are not in the shutdown mode we were last year at this time. Praise God!
Keep in mind these transition points:

  1. Children don't have a vaccine at this time. We must still mask for them and those vulnerable.
  2. Not all of your kids can be in-person due to personal or family health concerns. Continue to offer ministry to both in-person and virtual students.
  3. Less is more at this time. Scale back your normal planned events and outreach—smaller masked groups meeting outside if possible.
  4. Only plan what you have adequate volunteer staffing to carry out safely. Not only are you asking volunteers to teach, but you also carry out CDC personal safety guidelines.
  5. Don't compare your church to what other churches are doing. It all depends on what each church's task force will allow the number of volunteers you can staff, facilities available for you to use, and the number of willing children to participate.
So let's think outside the box for a minute! We always do name tags, color-coded teams and decorate it yourself items for craft time for VBS. Why not use our masks this year for those needs. Below you will find links to kid-sized masks. The white ones are really affordable, getting you 100 washable masks for $200! Price reduces the more you buy. You could take a Sharpie and write each kid's name on the front of their mask. You could put a mask and a couple of markers in a zip-lock bag and let the child decorate their mask as an arrival task. It lets them individualize the mask as they would like for the week. You can purchase the Crayola-colored masks for a bit more money and divide kids into VBS teams by their mask color. Get creative this year while keeping kiddos safe. Plus, it keeps everyone with all their safety needs to be met when a mask is provided. Purchase disposable masks to have on hand during consecutive VBS days for those who forget their mask at home.
Pack of 10 pcs - Face Masks for Sublimation (Kids Size)

Pack of 10 pcs - Face Mask for Sublimation (Kids Size) Please CHECK MEASUREMENTS BEFORE placing your order - ALL MASKS SALES ARE FINAL!

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Crayola™ Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set of 5 with...

Our Crayola™ Cool Colors, non-medical mask packs come with a 5-mask system featuring bright face mask colors for each day of the school week to avoid cross-contamination. Look no further than our Crayola-branded masks for quality back to school...

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The Annual Conference's planning committee is doing a promotional hashtag #LIVEWITHLIGHT to encourage all churches to come together as we prepare to gather. They asked me to prepare a Children's Message that a pastor, volunteer, or Children's Minister could do at each church. Church members could then tag pictures with the #LIVEWITHLIGHT, and the communications team will be able to collect them for sharing at this year's Annual Conference.

If you click on the link below, you can download the Children's Message and graphics for our website's message for free.
Dates to remember:
  • Annual Conf. June 2021
  • Quest September 25, 2021