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April 2013
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Beautyterm LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new website in French: beaut�  A registered trademark in France, Beaut�logie marks Beautyerm's commitment to bring innovative translation and multilingual communication solutions to the French cosmetics and beauty market. 

Beautelogie, a trademark of Beautyterm LLC, translation and multilingual communication consultants for the beauty industry   
Adding a touch of flair to the company's marketing strategy in Europe, Beaut�logie will operate under the umbrella of Beautyterm in the United States.  Beaut�logie offers a full range of
translation, linguistic and cultural consulting, copywriting, multilingual content adaptation, product name development and page layout services tailored specifically to the beauty industry.  Read more


Phonetic Research
Ooops!  What did you say it means?
It is important to know what your company's or products' names are going to sound like in a different language.  Swedish home furnishing chain IKEA learned it the hard way.  The company spent four years researching the names of its products after translators revealed that some sounded uncomfortably like crude vocabulary in Thai. 
We have recently come across a good example of this on the French
cosmetics market.  
Consider the company name "Doux Me", a combination of the French word "soft" or "doux" (
 like the English verb to "do") and the English pronoun "me", the objective case of "I".  Now try to say it out loud!  
Do you see what we mean?

Quick Tip!
Always consider the way your product or company name may sound in a different language!
Q & A
"What is the one piece of advice you can give that will make the most difference

Listen to your translator.  Hiring a language professional is your trump card.   

The last thing you should do is think of this as buying words. What you are doing, in fact, is harnessing expertise - the power of language.
So take what your translator has to offer under advisement. A seasoned professional will never make a random choice.  If in doubt, ask questions, do not assume that the translator was mistaken, especially if the output language of the translation is not your own.



Regulatory update set to replace the Cosmetics Directive 76/768 places new requirements on all cosmetic products sold on the EU market.  Among them: labeling and packaging 'shall not be used to imply that products have characteristics or functions which they do not have'Read more

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